Winter 2009 Photo Contest!

The people have spoken …

June from Junielee’s Pics!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PLAYED AND VOTED!!! These contests wouldn’t be NEARLY as much fun without you!!

(Need a Tow?)
June Irwin (Snow
Julie (Melancholic winter)
Grant (Horses)

This concludes the January 2008 photo contest! We’ll do this again in April – and I’ll even tell you the theme – SPRING! You can find out more information here.

If you would like an email, reminding you of the next photo contest, please send a blank email to [writefromkaren AT sbcglobal DOT net] with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. The email will be sent out a few days before the Spring contest begins.

17 thoughts on “Winter 2009 Photo Contest!”

  1. I stumbled across your blog some time ago in my blog travels. I read pretty regularly, but don’t think I have commented here before. I have, however, been eagerly awaiting the start of the photo contest. I completely forgot about it until this afternoon & was afraid I had miss it. I am so happy I did not. My picture is up. I have left my link in Mr Linky and clicking on the “Penny” will take you to my entry as well.

    Good luck everyone!

    Thank you, Penny!

  2. Dropped you an email, Karen. I can’t get this thingy ma-whos-it to work. 🙂

    I sent you code from Photobucket of my Snow Princess.

    Thank you!

    Got it, Kimberly! Your link has been added.

  3. let me in this contest

    djp: Pick a photo. Either post it on your blog or post it to your photo host. Grab the permalink (a lot of times all you have to do is click on the title of the post or the picture), leave the permalink in Mr Linky. You’re in.

  4. I fixed it -now but it is the second entry number and you need to hit back button to see it. The picture was taken from a friend’s home in Northern Utah. Sorry for all the mistakes!

    Teresa, your link isn’t working. I emailed you.

  5. Karen -having troouble getting my photo on Mr. Linky.I am going to e-mail you to see if you can help me!

  6. I must not have done this correct, I didn’t know how to put the picture in. Thank you

    Judy G., if you want to contact me (writefromkaren @ sbcglobal dot net), I’ll help you link your photo up. Please keep in mind, this contest is for bloggers – OR – if you have a Flickr account (or some other photo hosting account) and you want to enter a photo through that photo hosting account, just let me know and I’ll help you with the permalink.

  7. This is a picture of our backyard after a heavy wet snowfall.
    I think snow is beautiful when it hands on to the branches.
    Thank you

  8. I don’t really know how to do this, but I will try. This is taken of Mt. Hood in Oregon. We were returning from Florida after my dad passed away and I took this from my airplane seat. thanks for the contest

    Hi June. I corrected your URL so that visitors will click right to your picture as opposed to the home page of your blog. Thanks for entering!

  9. I think everyone will hate me if I post my “winter” photo of my family spending Christmas day at the beach. hee hee But hey, I’m game.

    Aw, we wouldn’t hate you, Kailani. Much. *grin* Post away!

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