Short Days Screw Me Up

Though this day has been short, it’s been busy and it’s been strange.

The boys got out of school early today – they’re already home with me now. Short days totally knock me off kilter – it’s like my entire day is on fast forward.

And I have to make a note of early days in my Outlook AND write sticky notes all over my desk AND chant to myself over and over again, “early day, early day” so I don’t forget the kids.

I confess, I forgot them one time; they were forced to wait for me in a thunderstorm, without umbrellas (because boys who carry umbrellas are wussies, apparently) so that by the time I got around to picking them up?

They were drenched to the skin. They have NEVER let me live that one down.

Bad Mommy.

In fact, I wrote about that no-good, terrible day on my self-hosted blog – I’ll post that here tomorrow.

MK got up on his own this morning. This is the first time in weeks I haven’t had to wake the boy up. The first thing the boy does when he wakes up is make himself a bowl of cereal – he LOVES cereal – he’d LIVE on cereal if I let him.

I’m working on my computer, as is my habit in the early mornings – I update the school websites for the day – when MK walks into the family room (that’s where my computer is) holding a bloody paper towel.

“Wow, this thing is really bleeding,” is what he tells me – his voice as smooth as glass.

Some moms would have freaked out – not me. I have a tendency to just sort of go in focus mode when something like this happens. I don’t panic, I simply react.

Since MK wasn’t screaming and I couldn’t see any blood on his body, I simply arched my brow and said, “Where did that blood come from?”

He opened his mouth.

Ah, the elusive baby tooth. The same eye tooth that has refused to budge for the past several months even when the permanent tooth got impatient and grew in front of it.

I thought I was going to have to take him back to the dentist because it simply wasn’t loose. And MK refused to work it – which really annoyed me. When I asked him why he wouldn’t work on it? “What’s the point,” he says, “it’s not loose.”

*sigh* He’s so stubborn sometimes.

The only reason he started working on it this morning was because it was squeaking against his bottom teeth whenever he ate and it was annoying him. So, he started working on it and it started bleeding.

Big time.

I don’t know about you? But I COULD NOT and CAN NOT watch when my boys work their baby teeth loose. Watching them twist, turn and tug on their teeth sends shivers down my spine. It’s different when it’s me, or when I’m the one tugging/twisting, but when they do it? I squeal like a little girl.

But this tooth? Would not come out and MK was starting to panic. I think he was afraid it wouldn’t come out before he had to go to school today and it would fall out at lunch, in front of his peers, and they would make fun of him and he would come home traumatized …

It’s happened before.

So, he came to me for help. The bloody tooth was dangling by whatever it is that keeps teeth from coming out.

Swell. I swallowed the bile in the back of my throat, washed my hands, grabbed a paper towel and positioned my fingers around the tiny tooth. I gave it a tug or two, testing to see how MK would react. When his screams of pain died down he didn’t collapse onto the floor writhing in pain he seemed to be okay with what I was doing, I tugged harder while wriggling it firmly back and forth.


We both heard it. Something snapped and before he could react, I had the tooth in my fingers.

That sucker bled out for quite some time. But the boy was able to suck it up and eat the rest of his (soggy) cereal before school.

Funky Teeth

See that funky tooth sticking out from the others? (You can click on the picture to enlarge but honestly, I wouldn’t. It’s gross close up, hence the reason I posted the smaller version here). His baby tooth was behind that tooth – that’s why it’s sticking out so far. Our dentist assures me it’ll work its way back to the correct spot – we’ll see.

I finally made it to the post office today to mail the Bass Pro Ornament and the Christmas ornament for my Christmas ornament exchange person today. Ladies, if you’re reading this, you should be receiving your packages very soon.

Today has been really ugly. The day started off at 52 degrees – we’re currently at 34 degrees with snow in the forecast. *sigh*

Forecast 12-09

It’s been raining/misting all day, so it’s pretty wet. Considering GD and J (the boy I take home every day) walk about a block from the school in order for me to pick them up, they are walking through a lot of wet grass and mud.

Usually, I remember to tell the boys to remove their shoes before coming into the house …

Today, I forgot.

Muddy Carpet

I now have to wait until the mud is dry before I can start cleaning it. Considering I’m usually pretty careful about this sort of thing happening and I’ve never had to deal with this before, I Googled how to clean mud from carpets.

It’s about KILLING me to wait for it to dry. If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove mud from light-colored carpets, let me know.

In the meantime, I’m avoiding that room at all costs. At least it didn’t happen on our brand new carpets – we plan on ripping the carpet up from this room soon and putting in hardwood floor. GD feels pretty bad about tracking in mud. I was pretty calm (I know my mom is curious to know my reaction) – which is saying a lot for me because I usually fly off the handle about this sort of thing. But the boy didn’t do it on purpose. I’m pretty proud of keeping my cool, thank you very much.

I’ve come a long way, baby.

OR, GD is just lucky I’m not hormonal right now. 😀

So, it’s already past 3:00, I haven’t gotten nearly the things I need to get done, done, and yet I feel like I’ve already squeezed 48 hours worth of life into these past nine hours and other than muddy carpets and one missing tooth? I don’t have a lot to show for it.

Short days screw me up.


Spend Less, Give More

Found this gem over at Pensieve – thanks for the reminder, Robin!

Actually, this is the first Christmas that we’re not going hog wild on each other, I’m happy to say. The hubs and I are only buying a few gifts for each other and the kids are scaling WAY down than in previous years.

We’re also buying gifts for two Salvation Army kids in need, we donated money to purchase a child three outfits and a winter coat, and my youngest son is playing his saxophone next Saturday at the mall as part of a community project through his school to try and persuade people to drop some money in the Salvation Army bucket.

So, how are you spending less and giving more?

Romans 12:13 — “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Christmas song #9 A Mad Russian’s Christmas by Trans-Siberian Orchestra