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Yay! My computer is fixed, thanks to my AWESOME computer-literate husband.

It was indeed a power supply issue. My old power supply was completely fried (and I mean that literally. The husband took it apart, because he digs examining the guts of these things, and it looked like it might have gotten so hot it melted a few components). My new power supply is a bit louder than my old one, but I’ll put up with the white noise if it means I have my computer back.

I am now making a backup of all of my emails. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten into the habit of making backups before now – I always make backups of my files, why haven’t I been making email backups? I get A LOT of email from clients, with important attachments, you would THINK I would know to make backups. Duh.

I use Outlook 2003, in case you’re curious. And I’m following these instructions to make backups in case you don’t know how to backup your own Outlook files. And let me tell you, if you haven’t made backups in a while, do it now before something happens and you’re left sweating and fretting because you can’t access your files for whatever reason.

On another note …

I mentioned that MK had to ring the Salvation Army bell today at the mall for his community service project at school. He was supposed to share the hour with two other classmates, only one other classmate showed up.

Tsk tsk.

Every single parking space was taken at the mall. We ended up parking across the street at a bank and walking 1/2 mile to his rendezvous point.

It was wall-to-wall people today. Seriously, there were so many people that you barely had enough room to walk. I felt severely claustrophobic.

And cold. Wow. It’s currently 10 degrees. When MK stood outside and rang the bell, it was in the 20’s – when it was over he said he couldn’t feel his face.

It was too cold for him to play his saxophone, so no video. Me, the husband and GD all walked around the mall waiting the hour out. I did end up buying more body lotion at Bath and Body Works – they had a special going on buy FIVE lotions for only $25.00.


Oh, speaking of lotions, I bought some of the Udderly Smooth hand lotion (I found it at Wal-Mart, can you believe it?). I can already tell a HUGE difference!!!!! My hands are so, so soft and the redness is going away.

Many, many, MANY thanks to MommyTime at Mommy’s Martini for the suggestion!! I’m now a big udder fan. 😀

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It’s Time to Reconcile, Whether You Like It Or Not

Thanks for the link Mama Milton:

HAHA! Oh come on, it’s funny. Well, it’s kind of funny. Well it COULD be funny, I suppose.

Do I have any family I need to reconcile with? Possibly. Unfortunately, I can’t really talk about it here because you know, the Internet has eyes, ears, links, social networking, etc.

I’ve been fortunate, quite honestly. I’ve never had anything inexusable happen to me. But if it happened? I’m ashamed to admit this, but I would probably be the unrelenting/unforgiving one. I don’t forgive easily. Forget? Sure. In fact, I’m REALLY good at forgetting things (*ahem*) but forgive?

‘Fraid not.

What about you? Are you the forgiving type? Would you be able to reconcile with a loved one if given the opportunity?