Tuesday Tattle

(I know, what a lame title. But I have trouble labeling these miscellaneous posts so … sorry *smile*)

Among other things, there are two things about NaNoWriMo that I both love and hate:

1. Love: I write 50,000 in 30 days! No small feat, as I’m sure everyone who has ever participated in the challenge can tell you. But WOW. It’s an incredible feeling when you cross over that goal line (I really only participate to earn those cute winner badges to stick in my sidebar – okay not really – okay, actually I do).

2. Hate: Considering I spend the majority of my days sitting on my butt to begin with (I’m a website designer and maintain about 10 websites) and then I sit even more to write 50,000 words for the challenge and that eats up most of my day and there are barely enough hours in the day for normal activities after that stuff is completed, I don’t work out. So by the time November 30th gets here? My jeans are tight and say hello to my attractive muffin top.

Hello muffin top. It’s nice to meet you. Now go away.


The first place I gain weight is around my waist, then it balloons into my belly and I start retaining water and my face puffs out next. The husband can always tell I’m gaining weight just by looking at my face. It sucks, actually.

I worked out for the first time in weeks this past Sunday and I. Thought. I. Was. Going. To. Die. In fact, I had to stop mid-way through my 20 minute Turbo Jam session to catch my breath.

That’s disgusting, folks. I was doing the 40 minute session with energy to spare in October. It’s amazing how fast my body slips back into slug mode.

Anyway, with the holidays coming up, I will need to get serious about my work out schedule again because buying bigger clothes? Not an option! NO way, NO how. This means I will have to be uncomfortable until I lose some weight, because hello?! Nothing motivates me more to lose weight than not being able to breathe.

This is neither here nor there, but what is up with everyone writing “Anyways” in their blog posts. AARGH! Stop it, that drives me nuts! Would you SAY anyways when you’re talking?

“Did you hear Obama still hasn’t produced a solid, verifiable birth certificate?

Oh well, I see this subject makes you uncomfortable, anyways …”

See? Awkward! Please stop! It sends my grammar police into a frenzy!

(Even though I found it on the Merriam Webster website? WTH?)

Tick tock, Christmas is coming! *runs in a panicked circle*

Actually, I’m in pretty good shape. The boys are mostly done and I just ordered a few things for the husband. All that I have left to do for my immediate family is stocking stuffers and a few odds and ends. We’re taking it easy on each other this year. I won’t tell you how many presents we’ve agreed upon for each other (well, the husband and I – SANTA still brings the boys’ presents and will continue to do so! Don’t look at me like that, I KNOW my boys are teenagers. Hush) because well, we tend to go overboard with each other every year anyway but suffice it to say, we’re cutting back. Not just because of the money situation (though there’s that) but simply because we’re reaching that stage in our life where we have everything we want/need. Now we’re spending money for the sake of spending money and that’s just silly.

Close your ears, men.

I just spent $45 dollars on two bras. BRAS! Isn’t that insane!

I can just hear my mother, “Pfft, you can buy bras at Wal-Mart for $10.” I know, but they’re freaking uncomfortable. And I end up spending an embarrassing amount of time making obscure adjustments. No, I spent $45 on two bras (it was buy one, get one half off and it’s hard to justify not buying another one when you know you’re going to need another sooner or later) on Barely There bras. And no, I’m not going to link to that bra brand because I don’t want you to think I got paid for saying that. (Though I would certainly take the money if offered! hinthint!).

Barely There bras are the best bras I have ever worn. They are so comfy it’s like, wait for it, they’re barely there! 😀

BUT, I don’t feel too badly about this because I have two bras that will last me two years. Yes, I wear one bra until the under wire snaps and then I’m forced to go buy another one. Now, I have a backup bra when I need to wash my “main” bra (I wore sports bras before because ew, I don’t do the au naturale thing, thankyouverymuch).

That was way too much information for you, wasn’t it.

This picture doesn’t really mean anything


other than the fact that this adorable child is one of my nephews and he is a total goofball who loves to make people smile.

Admit it, you smiled.

What kind of world do we live in when a chocoholic, such as myself, can’t digest chocolate?!

Have you had Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha Twist? Oh. My. Dear. Lord. In. Heaven. They are DREAMY! And CREAMY! And I love them! But they hate me! And I suffer for days whenever I drink one of them!

Life is so unfair.

And lastly …

Did you notice that I’m posting Christmas music? Did ja, huh? Well, I am. All you have to do is click on the gray arrow and enjoy a Christmas tune, courtesy of me.

Christmas song #2 Winter Wonderland by Tony Bennett

And may I just say? Uploading these buggers hasn’t been easy so see? Proof that I love you guys.

Also …

Are you attending the Coffee Chat party? Your entries don’t have to be true life, you can write a story, a poem, whatever inspires you. This party is all about you and encouraging you to write something fun for your blog.

Did I mention there are prizes?

And …

Don’t forget to enter your name for the two black bears in a canoe Bass Pro ornament. It’s WAY cuter than the picture. And you could write “from Write From Karen” on the back and every time you pulled it out, you’d remember me.

Is that too creepy?

Anyways …