A Quiet Moment Before THE Day

This was a quiet family moment from this past Sunday taken in our family room (aptly named, don’t you think? *grin*). The temperature was a bone-chilling seven degrees outside, the wind was whistling and rattling our windows, and we were cozy inside with a roaring fire, cheery Christmas music and comfortable family silence.

I love these moments, they are true family moments to me – just time spent together, doing separate things. 😀

The boys are now officially on winter break. I spent the day mopping and vacuuming floors, running last minute errands (which included picking up our honey-baked ham and turkey because HELLO?! I don’t cook and definitely not well) and having lunch with my husband. The husband has to work until noon tomorrow and then we can completely relax once again and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m taking a short blog break – I’ll be back December 26th, or December 27th (it depends on how tired I am Friday).

In the meantime, please feel free to catch up on some posts (I know I post entries pretty fast – sorry about that. It’s what I DO).

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I hope your last minute preparations are going smoothly!

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