Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Favorite Things About Christmas

Thirteen Favorite Things About Christmas

1. The anticipation. It is so fun to buy gifts, wrap them and then wonder how the person you’re giving it to will react. Did you do a good job? Will they be surprised? What about my gifts? Will I be surprised? I savor the anticipation of not knowing these things.

2. Being cheerful. Our family, we’re like on happy overload. We laugh more, we choose to spend more time together. We’re relaxed. We’re, well, cheerful. We’re secure in our foursome.

3. The Christmas Music. I can’t get enough. I LOVE Christmas music. It’s all I listen to between Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas. I listen to our local radio station, who play nothing but Christmas music and I never get tired of it.

4. Goodwill toward man. People seem more generous this time of year. It warms my heart to see people pitch in and make holiday baskets, or sponsor an Angel Tree child, or donate money so children in need can buy new clothes and coats. I wish I could bottle this feeling and pass it out periodically – like during say, an election. 🙂

5. The Lights. I love lights. I remember I used to lay on the couch in my childhood home and just stare at the Christmas tree lights and listen to Christmas music when I was small. They’re peaceful; they’re beautiful.

6. A Renewed Sense of Hope. Christmas is about Christ. And you can’t think of Christ and not feel warm, loved and secure. This time of year is full of hope – it gives hope to those that need it.

7. Warmth. Not just in the literal sense, though those fires sure are cozy and warm, but warmth of the heart. The feeling of warmth toward mankind.

8. Tolerance and Patience. People seem to be more tolerant this time of year. I see more smiles this time of year than I do any other month – combined. People are more apt to take turns, to let someone into traffic, to relax around their unruly children, to overlook small irritations.

9. The Smells. Nothing beats that Christmas tree smell – nothing. (Though mine comes in candle form since we don’t have a real tree – but we won’t mention that part). The smell of fresh snow, the cold, crisp winter air, the smell of hot, fresh cookies.

10. Family. Because other than Christ, the holidays are about spending time with your family. Good times or bad times, it doesn’t matter. You’re spending time with one another and you’re creating memories.

11. My mother’s goodies. My mom always bakes a smorgasbord of candies, cookies, and pies. I always look forward to stuffing my face at her goody smorgasbord.

12. The Magic. The whole Santa mystique. It’s so much fun to stay up, look in on the kids and then get stressed out while placing their gifts under the tree because we don’t want them to wake up and see us. It’s an adrenaline rush. And then when it’s over, the sense of satisfaction that washes over us because we know it’s going to be another great Christmas together.

13. Christmas Morning. Waking up, having my first cup of coffee and deliberately making the boys wait to open presents because it’s fun to torture them. And then filming them as they open their gifts and watching their expressions as their immediate dreams come true. After the boys are done, they disappear to play and the husband and I have our private Christmas. We take turns opening our gifts and being grateful for what we receive. Then the time period right after the gifts have been opened, the paper has been cleaned up and we just relax and we ooh and aah over everyone’s new gifts. The husband and I usually end up playing some games with the boys and we’re relaxed and happy just being together.

Christmas song #18 Blue Christmas by Sheryl Crow

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  1. Hi, cool list! I love most of those things! I especially love decorating and baking, I have to do the baking because, well,noone in my family really bakes. My parents definitely don’t bake! Neither does my grandma really. I did a TT too, it’s here:


  2. Yeah, I like the anticipation. For me, the most fun of it all are the kids. Not just mine – all of them. They just seem to glide on the festivity. Love it!

    Merry Christmas from She Lives!

  3. I love the Christmas music and it is all I am listening to until they shut it off after Christmas.

    The majic of Christmas morning is so wonderful. Love it!!!

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