Sticking With What I Know

Do you ever get the feeling that your makeup is not right for your face but everyone is too nice to tell you?

I bought some brownish eye shadows recently, thinking it’s fall, time for some browns, and I’ve been wearing it for the past several days.

Only, after I really looked at it, and I mean really evaluated it, it looked like I had been zombified. My eyes looked sunken into my skull and red rimmed, like I had been crying in between bouts of rubbing them really hard.

In short, yuk. I couldn’t stand to look at myself, so I bought more of my normal eyeshadow: “Pure Romance” by Cover Girl. And I look like myself again – which is a good thing?

makeup I’ve never been very good with makeup. Ever. And I’m way too cheap to spend money experimenting. I figure, if it looks decent, then I will use it until it’s gone. I might try another shade when it’s time to buy more, but overall, I get my money’s worth – whether I should or not.

But the browns … oy. I just couldn’t hack the look. It just didn’t “feel” like me.

Or maybe I’m just stuck in a rut and am used to seeing myself a certain way, who knows.

I learned how to put makeup on from my friend, Melissa. We met and worked together at Wendys and soon became roommates. She was a larger girl, but you never NOTICED her weight because she always looked fantastic. Her hair was perfect. Her clothes were perfect. She always smelled amazing. And her makeup would put a makeup artist to shame.

She was pretty. She was put together. And she knew what she wanted in life. I was jealous of her.

I watched her. Not in a stalker-ish sort of way, but when she wasn’t looking. I would watch her get ready in the morning and make note of how she applied her eye makeup. It was fascinating to watch her swish one color on one part of her lid and another seemingly incompatible color on another part of her lid and it always worked. I think this might have been before they even made the shadows that came with different colors, she would mix and match single colors, which was even more impressive, in my book.

I had only been using one color on my lids up to that point. Again, I was a makeup virgin, and I still am, in a lot of ways. I don’t wear lipstick and in fact, lipstick just sort of … mystifies me. For instance, how do you KEEP it on? Anytime I’ve worn lipstick, it’s cracked and gathered in the folds of my lips and before long, it looks like a child colored my lips, in the dark. And how in the world do you choose which color looks best on you? I mean, you only have one shot, right? You buy the tube, you get home, you try it and you hate it.

Great, $5.00 down the drain.

But back to the eyeshadow. I wore one color and that was it. I wore makeup, but you would never know it. So, I started experimenting and when Melissa noticed I was interested, she coached me.

I looked better. I felt better. And I followed her advice.

That was back in the late 80’s.

I don’t feel like my makeup has changed much since that era. Every time I think I need to modernize and I try something, it just looks ridiculous, like I’m TRYING too hard. And in fact, I guess I was.

So when I finally found a color combination that looked decent on me, I’ve been loathe to try anything else. This works, why go through the headache of trying different colors or shades?

I used to (actually, I sort of still do), laugh at women who give advice on day makeup, or night makeup, or date makeup, or light makeup, or seasonal makeup …

It all just seems like a waste of money to me. It’s the same face, does the different makeup really make that much of a difference?

But what do I know about makeup?

Nothing. And that’s my point.

2 thoughts on “Sticking With What I Know”

  1. THANK YOU! I had a feeling I shouldn’t be wearing brown.

    And my “safe” eyeshadow is indeed purple-hued shades. Whew! I feel better now. lol

    And how cool! I would LOVE to know someone in the makeup industry. That would have been so helpful.

    Wait, my MIL is sort of in that industry but … ack, my MIL. It’s hard to swallow general advice from my MIL, let alone something specific like makeup.

  2. If I may add my two cents… not because I’m a makeup expert or anything, but I have had my share of subscriptions fashion magazines in the past. With your eyes being brown (something I’ve notice from your pictures) and one of your prominent features, using brown eyeshadow might sort of “compete” with your eye color. I believe I read somewhere that women with brown eyes would look good wearing purple-hued shades. Not bright purple, of course, something muted like plum or amethyst.

    I was also lucky enough to have a coworker who sold Mary Kay. That way, I could get some makeup advice without any push to buy something. 🙂

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