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Weekend Snapshot – Caught in a Web

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Pulling Down Cobwebs

Our house is one huge spiderweb!

The husband walked around the house Saturday and swept all of the webs and half-eaten insects off our house. Not to mention, the HUGE spiders with the HUGE bellies that were busy sucking the brains out of said insects.

We pulled down quite a few pod-looking things, too. I’m guessing they were baby spider sacks? I have no desire to find out for sure.

Seriously, it was nasty. Some of the webs extended from the top of our gutter all the way down to the ground! It was like something out of the Munsters’ TV show.

I guess the spiders are gorging themselves on insects before winter sets in? I’m not exactly hip on the whole spider-cycle thing.

All I know is – they are gone now.

At least until next weekend.


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