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Friday Craft: Halloween Costumes

My boys are too old to go trick-or-treating, but when they were younger, I would always set the end of September aside to start saving up for a cool costume. I’m not nearly crafty enough to put one together, I used to spend an unreasonable amount of money and buy them something.

But if that’s not in the budget this year and you’re still wanting to do something fun for your kids, here are some easy, cheap and unique costume ideas from Family Fun.

Windy Day Duo

The neighbors will be blown away by these fool-the-eye outfits. No fans were used here. Instead, wire and tape give everything from braids to shoelaces a blustery look.

Sunflowers Costume

This glorious costume, featuring petals made from yellow craft foam, will have your child positively blooming. The directions below are for one sunflower costume. For detailed illustrations of the various parts of this costume, click here.

Little Bearded Gnome

Who doesn’t love gnomes because of the Travelocity commercial? 🙂

LEGO Man Costume

Boys love Lego! This ingenious costume turns two plain old cardboard boxes into a real “toy story.”

And last, but not least, an old favorite:

Frank’s Monster Costume
(You can also watch a video on how to make this costume, too).

This costume will suit your would-be rampaging monster from his big jug-head to his pretend-giant toes!

You can find a ton of costume ideas here. Have fun!

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