Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Moments in Time


Thirteen recent moments from my life:

1. MK lost his first molar at school Tuesday.

2. It happened at lunch, while he was eating a sticky fruit roll-up.

3. And it happened in front of the girl he has had a crush on for the past four years.

4. MK was NOT a happy camper.

5. Dinner Tuesday night, MK suddenly stopped eating his frito pie.

6. He had a strange expression on his face.

7. He lost an eye tooth at the dinner table.

8. It was a two-for-one sale for the tooth fairy Tuesday night.

9. According to MK’s dental x-rays, he has about eight more baby teeth on the verge of falling out – soon.

10. The tooth fairy is going to have to apply for welfare before this is over.

11. MK’s top-left eye tooth is growing OVER his baby eye tooth.

12. The baby eye tooth is not loose – at all.

13. I see another trip to the dentist in our future – very soon.


11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Moments in Time”

  1. We always got 25c for teeth…losing baby teeth seems so weird and gross now that I’m older- I’m so glad it happens when we are young!

  2. Ugh… I remember losing those teeth in Junior High… all I wanted was to be cool and losing teeth at school was most decidedly not cool. Good news is, now many, many (many, many…) years removed I can laugh about it all. Hopefully, MK will be able to also.

    If you get a spare few minutes, my TT is up If you have a moment, my TT is up also.

  3. she – Kids generally lose their eye teeth and first year molars (which is actually two molars on each side of their mouth – uppers and lowers) at 13. This is also a good indication that he’s preparing for puberty.


  4. We’ve got kids with tooth issues, too…one has a tooth that grew in the roof of his mouth…gonna have to get that one pulled soon….

    Good luck to the tooth fairy! Happy t13!

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