The next Bloggy Giveaway is July 28 – August 1. Mark your calendars so you can play along! I’d like to do something, but I’m holding my photo contest that same week, so I’m not sure I can juggle both activities and still make sense of my blog … so we’ll see.

Blog Fodder :: Stuck for blog or writing ideas? I’ve started a new tweet on Twitter if you’re interested in receiving new writing prompts every week day. It’s called Blog Fodder and you can find it at

Interested in writing fiction? :: There’s a writing meme every Friday at Write Anything. It’s called [Fiction] Friday and it’s a great way to jump-start your imagination!

Stop Bullying Now! :: This fun, interactive website is a great place to take kids to teach them about bullies. Here’s a link to the first webisode. After the video is over, the site supplies questions children can answer in an attempt to understand what the webisode was trying to say. This might be a good time to teach your child about bullying, especially if he/she is starting a new school this fall.

Great new blog header :: Just clicked over and saw Surbuban Turmoil’s new blog header – lovelovelove the b/w picture! Very expressive and artsy-fartsy! (Pst … look at the baby’s expression, PRICELESS!)

The Pledge of Allegiance recited by a toddler :: OMG! This girl is too cute. The video drags out a bit, the best part is the first time she recites it, but I just want to hug the stuffing out of this little girl. Kudos to her parents for teaching her this so young!



Saturday Photo Hunt

Saturday Photo Hunt – Support

This week’s theme: Support

Support your public transportation system – save gas. This is a picture of the Metro system in Washington D.C. My husband took this picture – isn’t it cool?? I have a slideshow of our Washington D.C. trip, if you’re interested.

Metro Subway
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