Saturday Photo Hunt

Saturday Photo Hunt – Support

This week’s theme: Support

Support your public transportation system – save gas. This is a picture of the Metro system in Washington D.C. My husband took this picture – isn’t it cool?? I have a slideshow of our Washington D.C. trip, if you’re interested.

Metro Subway
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24 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt – Support”

  1. thanks. watching the slideshow is like me taking a sight seeing trip. my kid loved the museum, prehistoric creatures best 🙂 i loved the astronaut thingy

  2. I’m in a small-ish town, too, so we have very limited public transportation. But the nearby University has a grerat system for their students close to the campus, and it’s much easier than trying to park. I used when I was a student to travel to the mall (for bowling class) and my boyfriend’s apartment (my hubby now).

    The photo is Very Cool, very nice composition. 🙂

    I’m intrigued by the blogfodder—I think I need a little something to do on Mondays on the blog, so I may do it for the summer.

  3. Great picture! We spend a day in DC and i enjoyed your slideshow….thanks for sharing 😉

    Pearl – happy weekend!

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