Friday Fun

Friday … Ten?

I’m not sure if anyone will be around today to actually read this, but if this happens to catch your attention in between hotdog bites and watermelon drips, WELCOME! Sit a spell, catch your breath and let’s chat …


From the Friday5 community:

I wasn’t sure I wanted to answer the first set of questions because food? Doesn’t interest me much. As long as I can satisfy the grumbling in my stomach, I’m happy. In fact, I routinely smash deli meat in a cheese roll for lunch, that’s how much I could care less about fancy-schmancy food. But, I’m in the mood for something challenging today while I wait for my guys to wake up from their much needed lazy morning so, here goes —

1. If a traveling food show were to visit your neighborhood, what are some unique, regional foods it would spotlight, and where would it go to get them?

AARGH! My pea brain can’t take this pressure. Regional food? Here? Uh … I live in the Ozarks so … uh … I THINK we have foods special to this area (see how much I suck at this?). Okay fine, the only sort of food that I think might be special to our area is what Silver Dollar City offers. Gads, I’m pathetic.

Here are some recipes you might find interesting:

Skillet Cookery – which consists of potatoes, sautéed corn, squash, okra (okra! We eat a lot of okra in these here parts), peppers, onions, carrots, chicken and ham.

You say Ozarks, I say SKILLET FOOD! And I can assure you, this is DEE-LISH.

OH! And funnel cakes. OH. MY. GOSH. Funnel cakes are to die for – of course, they are greasy and chock full of BAD calories, but dang it, the grease is what makes ’em good! (*YEEHAWS like the hillbilly she is*).

OH. OH And … Cashew chicken. Now THAT’S specific to Springfield, Missouri. It originated here and we couldn’t find it in Washington D.C., so I’m assuming it’s not offered very many places outside our hick zone. (But what do I know, I don’t get out much. *grin*)

2. On an American cable show, a celebrity chef surprises people by challenging them to a contest featuring their own specialties (he usually loses). If he challenged you to your specialty, what dish would you prepare? If he challenged someone you know, what would that dish be, and how might the competition turn out?

First off, I wouldn’t challenge the man – suck I do at food, Mmmhmm. *Yoda accent* But now my husband … my husband can wield a wok like no other man. (And looks mighty sexy wokking, I might add. Ignore the wonky word). He routinely cooks us Spicy Chicken and Broccoli, Beef and Broccoli, Chicken and Zucchini, and anything else you can imagine would taste good in a wok. I’m pretty confident my husband would win a wok cook-off.

3. What are your feelings about cooking shows on television?

My husband and I love them and usually watch them together. We go through spurts, usually when we’re getting tired of the same ole menu and in the mood to try something new and different. He watches them for new and cool ideas, I watch them because it amuses me how much trouble people go to make something that people will just eat and poop out without nary a thought to the time and trouble it took to cook it.

See? A food connoisseur I’m not. 🙂

4. What kitchen gadgets have you purchased because you saw someone using them on television?

A wok. I KNOW, we didn’t have a wok for the longest time and now I (er, the husband) can’t imagine cooking without it.

5. You get to (or have to, depending on how you feel about it) host your own food show on television. What will it be called and what’s it about?

Oh easy … it would be called “Eat and Run” (you heard that here first. If anyone takes that title for a food show, I want royalties! *grin*) and of course it would be about cooking fast meals easy, with no muss, no fuss and certainly not a lot of clean up time! I think that’s another reason I abhor cooking, the need to dirty up every single pot and utensil in the kitchen and then spending another hour cleaning up. Ugh, no thank you. Give me a sandwich and let’s call it a meal. 😀

And from the Friday Five Community:

1. What drink wakes you up best in the morning?

You know how you hear people say they can’t think straight until they’ve had their first cup o’ coffee? *points to self* Well yeah, it’s true. My brain cells REFUSE to jiggle (or however brain cells behave) until I’ve had my morning jolt of caffeine. AND, I have to get up at least an hour before my family because I LOATHE to even utter words before I’ve had my morning cup of coffee. Seriously, I’m a grouch when I first wake up … and that’s putting it nicely.

2. During the day, what do you drink to keep going?

Well, I would LIKE to say more coffee, but I have to stay away from caffeinated drinks in the afternoons (at least, on a daily basis) because I then get these caffeine headaches from hell that stay with me for 24-straight hours and which no drug will knock out so it’s not worth getting a temporary buzz when I will be suffering for hours afterward. I usually drink water or juice.

3. Do you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water per day? Why/why not?

Oh yeah. I LOVES me some water. We have a water cooler, therefore we drink distilled water and WOW, that stuff is delicious. I don’t care what you say, there is a HUGE difference between distilled water and tap water (which makes me gag) and it’s cool, clear and crisp and I can’t get enough of the stuff (we routinely go through fifteen gallons of distilled water in two weeks – that’s how much we drink water).

4. What are the ingredients of your favorite mixed drink? (Doesn’t have to be alcoholic!)

This is going to sound pathetic? But … I don’t know. I haven’t really had a mixed drink in … oh, ages. I honestly only drink water. Or, if I’m feeling wild and crazy, I drink Propel (but the husband likes to point out how much sugar is in Propel, which makes me feel guilty for drinking it so then I stop, unless he makes me mad or irritates me and then I drink it out of spite. Oh yeah, I’m a mama bear all right). I used to drink lemonade, but geez, when did it become SO SWEET?

AARGH! I’m turning into one of those disgustingly boring people who turn their noses up at sugar! What’s WRONG with me?!

5. Are you a coffee drinker? How do you take your coffee, if so?

OH whew! Finally, a question I can answer without feeling mentally challenged. YES. I love coffee. I love flavored coffees with lots and lots of sugar because I can’t stand for my coffee to be bitter. And I love creams and milks in my coffee, but I have to remember to take a Lactaid when I drink it like that or I suffer for days afterwards. And that’s ALL I’m going to say on that. *ahem*

Don’t you love how I turn these simple question/answer memes into novels?