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Pretend You Give a S*it About the Election :: The Onion – LOLOLOLOL!!! Now I don’t care who you are, that’s some funny sh*t right there.

All I see are boobs :: I’m sorry, what the HECK are you selling again? Watch the video of the two women, do you notice anything strange? Can you tell me what they’re selling. …… Exactly. *snort* What a low, disgusting (and unfortunately effective, according to my husband) tactic to get the males to pay attention. Question is, are they paying attention to the right thing? I’d say no. You? (In case you’re not seeing what I’m seeing, look at their necklines and then tell me if you think this is not a blatant attempt to get your attention. Any product that has to sell out this obviously is not worth my time, IMO).

Hey guys, wondering if she’s the one for you? Wonder no more.

I adore this guy’s art ::

Dream Big

Bored? :: Find the button. (Hint: click on the question mark if you get stuck).

True Stories:: Told in one sentence. Tell me, what’s your one-sentence story?

One of the blog posts in my Google Reader that made me laugh out loud this week :: Mommy’s MartiniNotes from Monday Morning at the Gym.

Group Writing Project – How To — Kailani, at An Island Life, is hosting a group writing project, the subject? How To … The deadline is July 16th. Now get Writing!

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