This Song Stops Me in My Tracks Every Time

We got rid of Satellite Dish.


But honestly? No one ever watched it. Save for Kevin and that was generally for the NASCAR station. Everything else he watches was on PBS. So it was getting harder and harder to justify paying $60 bucks (SIXTY BUCKS) every month for … what exactly?


So. Kevin fought himself for several days before deciding we needed to get rid of it.

I could honestly care less. BUT. Right before he made this decision, I discovered the music channels. And one channel plays nothing but traditional Christmas music. And I ADORE it. For two reasons, really, 1. I LOVE Christmas music and 2. I didn’t have to fool with changing discs every 30 minutes.

But I still wasn’t willing to pay $60 dollars for just Christmas music, so I gave Kevin my full blessing – get rid of Satellite Dish. I would stick with NetFlix – I’ll deal.

We canceled our account. But I’m pleasantly surprised to see the Christmas music station is still available, for some reason.

And every time, EVERY TIME, this song comes on, it stops me in my tracks. I have to sit down, no matter what I’m in the middle of (one time I sat down with a toilet brush in my hand), and simply absorb the beauty of it.

This song takes my breath away. It’s always been one of my ALL-TIME favorite songs. I adore it when Julie Andrews sings it, but it gives me goosebumps every time I hear Barbara Streisand sing it.