I’m So Over the Holidays

I’m cranky.

I’m starting another four-day weekend and all I want to do is stay home in my PJ’s, watch movies, maybe eat a tub of popcorn (or two), drink some Bailey’s and be a complete waste of humanity.

Instead. I’m dressed up, have on my sparkly jewelry, my false eyelashes and my new boots and am waiting to load our gag gifts into the car and go over to Kevin’s family’s house for Christmas. We’re doing it today because it’s getting harder an harder to get everyone together nowadays – all of the kids are grown and scattered all over the US …

I like Kevin’s family, honestly, I just didn’t feel like dressing up and donning my “social” face. I never choose to be social, but I’m quite good at it when I put my mind to it.

I need to snap out of this mood because it’s not fair to allow my grumpiness to spoil what will likely be a pleasant evening.

Are the holidays over yet?

My boss has asked me to write a blog at work.


I’m not sure how I feel about this … Flattered? Nervous?

Mostly nervous, I think. I’ve already warned him, I’m VERY opinionated. Like, almost obnoxious … well, I don’t have to tell YOU ALL this, you read the nonsense I write.

He wants me to write about the new healthcare fiasco, erhm, law, LAW (I can’t believe it’s a freaking LAW), and tips on how to communicate more effectively with people highlighting Aristole’s The Art of Rhetoric. (You know. The whole ethos, pathos and logos thing).

I can actually get on board with this. I honestly think learning this in college helped me to become a more effective communicator and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard people at work tell a patient something which makes me cringe.

The whole purpose of writing this blog is to get people talking – oh, I’ll get people talking alright, more like people screaming. He wants, and will encourage, people to comment to “start a dialogue.”

He just “sounds” like management, doesn’t he.

He’s already bugging to me to write something, but honestly, I don’t know when he expects me to write anything. I don’t want to do this at home as it will require a little research and it’s for work so I should be paid for it. But it’s virtually impossible for me to get away during clinic hours so … I don’t know, we’ll see what happens with his “idea.”

If this writing “gig” pans out, I have a feeling I’m going to surprise quite a few people as I “appear” pleasant and mild mannered on the outside…

I have a feeling I’m going to surprise, tick off, quite a few people.

Meh. What else is new.

I’m growing my hair out.

And even though it’s driving me nuts because I don’t know what to do with it, people are complimenting me again. Which tells me that it does indeed look better longer.

Kevin is happy. He has finally admitted that he likes it better long – but honestly, what man doesn’t??

My goal is to grow it out and style it like this.

Now. To get there …

Kevin’s new gig starts in a few days. He’s going to be an Intuit support guy for Quickbook questions. He’ll need to be available from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

He got his phone yesterday. I’m relieved that he has his own phone for this gig, that way, he’ll know if it rings that it’s someone needing help with Quickbooks. He can keep his regular business, and his Intuit consults, separate.

I’m not sure how he’s going to swing this and take care of his other clients, too. Though he does have Dude working with him now and he swears up and down that he’s been extremely helpful. In fact, he said that Dude is the best employee he’s ever had.

And he’s not just saying that because he’s our son, either.

So. Dude will continue to do data entry things for him leaving him free to concentrate on other things.

Dude is LOVING it. He’s making steady money, paying taxes and is finally on track to adulthood. Now. To get him to pay his own bills. Kevin told him the other day that when he turns 21, he’ll be expected to pay his monthly cell phone bill, and his car insurance.

I just want him to save money so he can move out. I don’t really WANT him to move out, but I don’t want him living with us when he’s 30, either.

It’s about time to start planning for our next vacation. We, (and by “we” I mean “me”), have been talking about taking a cruise to Alaska. I’d like to fly into Vancouver a few days early, explore Vancouver, then catch the boat to Alaska. Kevin is not terribly thrilled about the idea. He thinks you can only see so many moose/mountains before it gets old.

But too bad. It’s someplace we’ve never been and I’m a mission to see the world, one tiny part at a time, before I die.

It’s time to get serious about writing again.

And reading.

I don’t think I’ve cracked a book since I started this job, over a year ago.

I really must do something about that.