Santa Has Had Too Much Caffeine … Pace Yourself Big Guy


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a giant cookie to add to the rest of the Christmas junk we eat this time of year.

TICK TOCK. Christmas begins in just a few short hours!!

Also? I found out that we have a 100% chance of snow tomorrow.

A White Christmas???? I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we had a white Christmas. I hope the weather guys are right!


More Christmas Concert Music …

And while we’re in the Christmas music mode … here is more of Jazz’s Christmas, oops WINTER, *rolls eyes* concert.

I took these videos with my phone, so the quality is not that great, but the sound is decent and that’s all that matters. I focus on the right side of the group because Jazz is the saxophonist in the white shirt on the very end.

Also. I thought the Drumline’s portion of the concert was pretty cool – so I took a video of them, too.

IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!! Time to frantically catch up on last minute things …