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Taking Off Early … For a Change …

I’m HOME!! I left work at 1:00 p.m. today (we didn’t have any doctors and I have everything “pretty” much caught up) and OMG … it feels so good to take an afternoon off!

This does not happen very often, but I’m going to try and make it happen at least once a month, if possible, because it does wonders for the morale!!

I came home to find both boys looking rough and beds unmade. I hate that I’m not around to whip their butts into gear, but oh well, they’ll have to learn they can’t sit around and be lazy all day soon enough. I’m taking Jazz out to buy some clothes. I haven’t bought the boys clothes in, oh gosh, over two years? And I know Jazz is only down to one pair of jeans that fit him now and I think he rotates about three t-shirts now – everything else is too small.

I told Dude a long time ago if he needed new clothes, he would have to get a job and pay for them himself. Of course, knowing Dude, he couldn’t care less and will likely wear his clothes until they literally disintegrate on his body.

I need to buy more body lotion (I LOVE shopping for body lotion) and pick up my 5K packet today, too – the Girls Just Wanna Run 5K is tomorrow morning, so I GUESS it’s not “technically” a day off since I’m running errands, but STILL ….

I’M SO HAPPY TO BE OFF WORK!! I know that sounds so silly, and taking off four hours early is not that big of a deal, and yet, it FEELS like a big deal and … FREEDOM!!

I have a lot of website work ahead of me this weekend so I feel like I’m playing hooky by taking off early.

Yep. I’m going to have to do this more often.