Someone Else Picked Out Our Fireworks, We Just Paid for Them

That’s assuming we can shoot off fireworks. It’s been so hot and dry here that Nixa has a burn ban. Which means, they are not allowing people to shoot off fireworks for fear a spark will start a city-wide fire.

We usually go to my in-laws’ house for 4th of July. They live on the outskirts of Nixa, so I’m hoping the burn ban does not apply to them. My MIL said she would water down her grass, but you know how fireworks are – you can’t exactly control where they’re going to go and HELLO NEIGHBORS! Meet our sparks.

We bought our fireworks this way, this year, because last year, when we were over at my in-laws, we noticed that we had a lot of the same fireworks and believe it or not, watching two boxes full of the same fireworks over and over again, gets boring. So. My MIL suggested we collaborate this year and we all met at a firework’s tent in Ozark and instead of debating over which ones we thought would be the best for our money, Kevin simply asked the heavily tattooed woman behind the boxes, “Which ones do you recommend?” Which sort of morphed into, “here’s how much we want to pay, just fill a box with your recommendations and we’ll be good to go.”

Excuse me??

Normally, the thought of someone else spending our money annoys me, but honestly? They’re fireworks. They all explode and go BOOM. I didn’t care. PLUS? If you haven’t heard, we are having one hell of a hot/dry summer and it was a “cool” (seriously, it FELT cool because we’ve been so used to temps over 100 this past week) 92 degrees and I was having a hot flash that only compounded my misery so I was ready to get the hell out of dodge.

(I’ve been saying hell a lot – my apologizes. I go through spurts).

So, the heavily tattooed (and sort of scary-looking woman) filled our box up with all sorts of large-ish containers and the boys filled an arm basket full of smaller stuff and we split the cost with my in-laws and I’m quite convinced this will likely be the best 4th of July fireworks display we’ve ever had.

Because who knows fireworks better than a heavily-tattooed woman who works/owns a fireworks tent?


I was going to take a picture of the fireworks box that was put together for us, but it was quickly loaded into the back of my in-laws’ car and I won’t see it again until the fourth.

If I remember, I’ll try and take pictures of whatever the scary heavily-tattooed woman chose for us and give you a brief critique … don’t even deny you’re not excited about this.

One thing I’M excited about? We bought some of those funky Sky Lantern things that float FOREVER and look like UFO’s in the sky.

Sweet. Nothing like freaking people out now and again.