New Bathrooms

Shower Walls

We have them.

Bathroom 2-1-12

I know it doesn’t look it? But the room is actually turning out to be bigger than I imagined. Of course, we don’t have the sink in there yet …

Still not crazy about the shower head on the back like that … but that’s as good as it gets, I’m afraid.

The construction guys taped off where our mirror will go …

Bathroom 2-1-12

Picture a small (think SMALL) sink/cabinet under the mirror. The electrician is supposed to come by tomorrow – we’re putting sconces on either side of that pretend mirror.

The guys also knocked out the back bathroom wall …

Back Bathroom 2-1-12

We’re moving that toilet and putting it up against the wall. The tub will go back in the area behind the toilet and the shower you see there now? Will be gone and we plan on putting a huge cabinet in that space for dirty clothes and bathroom “stuff.”

The guys are making progress. I have yet to even meet them. They always come after I leave for work and are gone before I get home from work. I told Kevin to thank them for keeping everything so CLEAN. I can’t believe how nice they clean up after themselves. It’s like we don’t even know anything is going on – they just shut the door and *POOF* no construction mess.

I’ll link to our construction guys when this is all over … I’d like to give them a fair critique of their work, but so far? I’m very pleased.