I Think We Need a Little More Brown … Don’t You?



I KNOW. It needs color.

I know this. I’m just not sure what to DO about it.


We’re working on it.

But we have our wood floor and we LOVE it! It really does go perfectly in our “rustic” room. Our hardwood floor is a hand-scraped oak and this is another one of those projects we’ve been talking about doing to this house ever since we moved in (a mere 19 1/2 years ago!!).

I want to buy a round/oval (but more round, I think) rug to put in between the chairs. The rug must have color … maybe a russet or a maroon color (?). I’m also on the hunt for tiffany floor lamps.

I KNOW. I really dig the tiffany shades. But they’re going to be expensive. At least, the little I’ve shopped for them online tells me so.

We also plan on hanging a TON of family pictures on the wall, which will also add some color to the room. (It IS a family room after all).

That sliding glass door you see in the “before” picture? I’d like to buy some cloth-ish russet/maroon shades as well, adding more color to the room.

So yeah. I KNOW it’s brown. We’re earth tones sort of people (comfy – soothing – blah). And we love it. As usual, our floor guy did a spectacular job. He was in and out in five hours.

So our family room is back together again – somewhat. We just need to tweak it a bit.


Our bathrooms. The construction guy gave us a day – Thursday. As in THIS COMING THURSDAY. He’s estimating that it will take about two weeks-ish, to get it all done. I’m hoping he’s being conservative. At any rate, we’re mentally preparing to being majorly inconvenienced but hey, it’s a small price to pay (actually, it’s NOT – ha!) to get what you want.

Stay tuned … things are about to get messy around here …