A Little Thing Called FACTS

From American Thinker:

President Obama says that statistics like the ones I listed show how deep the Great Recession was and that he didn’t create it.The blame, he says, belongs to President George W. Bush.

While it’s true that President Bush contributed to the problems we face today, these are undeniable facts: President Bush has been out of office for 3 years; the downward spiral in every major category has accelerated under President Obama; and on President Obama’s watch, the United States is rapidly becoming an insolvent nation. These are good reasons not to support Obama in 2012.

Now seriously. HOW can you support a man who has done nothing for this country in the last three years? HOW can you support a man who has made our country worse?!?

Politics aside – you can’t ignore the facts. President Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. President Obama doesn’t have our best interests in mind. President Obama doesn’t even LIKE our country – why would he work to make it better?

So, we have had almost three full years to watch Barack Obama in action. One can not help but come away with the idea that Barack Obama has little use for the American people. He seems contemptuous of us all and it seems that he believes that we are deserving of the hardships we are experiencing because of our many failings. It would perhaps be best if Barack Obama and the American people were to come to a parting of the ways come November 2012. It would be unfair to expect that Barack Obama continue to suffer the indignity of having to be President of such a bunch of unambitious, unimaginative, unwilling, soft and lazy individuals that he obviously believes us to be.

It’s time for some POSITIVE Hope and Change, folks.

Let’s try this again …