He’s Still My Baby …

Icy Road

It doesn’t matter that he’s a 19-year old man, he’s still my baby driving on icy roads for the first time.

Last Tuesday, (was it last Tuesday? The days just blur together anymore), we woke up to icy roads. Actually. I didn’t even know they were icy until I got into my car and started driving … it was black ice. And it had tricked a lot of people that morning. The radio broadcast was full of accidents and the city went on emergency alert – which loosely translates to: only call the police if someone is bleeding to death or has lost a limb, otherwise, exchange insurance information and say “oops.”

I was nervous. I knew that Kevin would expect Dude to go to the office and … I wasn’t sure … if he should.

“Why don’t you just tell Dude to take the day off,” I said while twisting my fingers into fleshy corn rolls.

“Karen,” my ever-patient husband said, “he’s a 19-year old MAN. When are you going to stop babying him?”


I shrugged.

I couldn’t help it. He might “technically” be a 19-year old man, but he’s still my first born baby. I look at him and all I see is my 4 lb, 12 oz preemie. I shouldn’t, I know. But I do.

I went to work that day with my heart in my throat. He didn’t have far to drive and I KNEW that he needed to practice, after all, we can’t taxi him around every time there’s bad weather for the rest of his life … but UGH. The first time is a killer.

I worried about him all morning. Kevin did text me whenever he got to the office, so I did rest easy for a few hours. But then I started feeling queasy whenever it was time for him to pick Jazz up from school.

I don’t think he realizes how precious his cargo is whenever he’s driving.

It all worked out in the end, though I found out later that he DID slide through a stop sign near our house. But at least there wasn’t any on-coming traffic. I know I need to mentally toughen up about my boys – they’re growing up, as they SHOULD, and I just need to trust that God will take care of them whenever I’m not around.

But still. I’m DEEPLY thankful that this winter has been pretty mild … so far.

Abundant Life

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