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It’s Time to Tear Down Those Walls

Okay. The construction project I’ve been eluding to?

Is our bathrooms.

Our front bathroom is long and narrow – it’s like peeing in a hallway. Our back bathroom, which is technically the “master” bath? Is tiny. Personally, our bathrooms don’t bother me, but they’ve bothered Kevin since the moment we moved into our house. This is one of those projects we’ve been dying to do since day one.

Now is the time.

Kevin started shopping for construction guys last month. He found a guy with a pretty decent website and called him out to talk to us. We liked him so much and was impressed with his years of service, that we didn’t even bother calling anyone else. We also liked the fact that this guy specialized in bathrooms.

Kevin has been playing around with a construction/blue print program and put this diagram together of what he wants our bathrooms to look like:


In essence, we are tearing down one wall, and extending another wall to put the tub in the master bathroom. We picked out the shower material and color as well as the tub color while the guy was here and we’ve been running around to various places checking out sinks, tile and mirrors so that we can tell the guy what we want when they get started.

We ended up going with our faithful tile guys, Color Tile. We love their selections and they are always so helpful. While we were looking for our bathroom tile, we actually found some hand-scraped wood for our family room. We are tearing out the carpet and replacing it with hardwood floors.

I can’t wait for that to be done – but one project at a time. We had actually toyed with the idea of doing both construction projects at the same time but … UGH. What a mess and hassle that would be, so we’ll just have to be patient.

Bathrooms first.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to show our progress. It’s fun planning this stuff, but it’s even more fun WHEN IT’S DONE.

Our contractor is supposed to be calling us around the 15th, but we’re getting impatient. Kevin is going to call them tomorrow and see what their start times are looking like. We’re anxious to get this project started.