Friday Fun

Encouraging Words


I wish I had branded this quote into my brain when the boys were growing up because I did WAY too much nagging/yelling/berating and not NEARLY enough listening.

Shh. Hear that? It’s your child talking to you.

Can you hear him/her?

(BTW, I didn’t draw that Hitler mustache on Dude. He came in from playing and looked like this. I thought it was so funny that I had to take a picture. I don’t Hitler is funny, I thought him coming with a dirt mustache that looked like Hitler was funny. Just setting the facts straight because you KNOW there are those few people out there that will make nothing into something).

Book Corner

Fall Reading Challenge ’11

Ready to read? As usual, I’m trying to read more … I go through spurts where I will read two books a week and then nothing for two months. It’s terribly frustrating to ME because I want to read more, I enjoy reading, always have, but I just can’t seem to tear myself away from the computer.

I complain that the boys spend too much time on their computers, and yet, here I am setting a STELLAR example. Since I’ve vowed to be a good example for my boys, I’m going to really try and read more so they will look back on this time period and say, “Man, mom sure read a lot,” as opposed to, “Mom, you sure goofed off on the computer a lot.”

At any rate, my average reading rate is two books per month, (and when I say average, I mean average in the loosest since of the word), so I’ll keep it realistic and list six/seven books I plan on reading before December 21st. However, since I’m working full time now AND November is National Novel Writing Month and I’d like to attempt to reach that 50,000 word line, AND I’m still maintaining NINE school websites after work, AND we’ll be traveling out of town every Saturday in October for band competitions, AND we have three birthdays in November AND the normal holiday rush to get things done, I honestly don’t know how much time I’m going to have to read. But I’ll do my best.


In addition, these books will be for sale in my Amazon book store after I read them, if you’re interested.

Happy reading!

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