Where are the Cute Scrubs?

I bought my scrubs today.

Even though there are some pretty cute (that may be an oxymoron because scrubs in general really aren’t “cute”) scrubs out there, I had to stick with the brand/style that my office wears.

I’m modeling the “wine” color. I also bought olive, eggplant purple (favorite), teal, and lavender (least favorite). I asked for long pants, given my height, but when I tried them on at home, they drag the floor. So I’m going to have to take two of them back tomorrow and exchange them.

They weren’t as expensive as I thought they might be. I bought one set of each color and may buy more in later weeks, but for now, this should do me for a while. I’m waiting to remove the tags until my orientation next week. Even though I’m not anticipating any hiring problems, I’d still like to play it safe until I know for sure.

I think they look pretty dorky, if you want the truth. And they’re not as comfortable as I thought they might be. In fact, they’re pretty stiff. But I haven’t washed them yet so … they’ll probably be more comfortable after I wash them.

I hope they don’t shrink.