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Audio Teaching: What is the Church?

by Dan Gallagher and John Schoenheit
Every Sunday around the world, and most especially in the western world, millions of Christians “go to church.” Dan Gallagher and John Schoenheit team up in this conversational presentation to explode the traditional definition of a “church” by showing that a church is anywhere two or three people gather in the name of Christ. The way Christianity has developed in America and many other nations, with “mega-churches” of ten thousand or more Christians, the home church, or simple church, might seem like a second-class citizen, and perhaps not even a “real church.”

A worldwide move of God concerning the way the saints gather, which many refer to as the Simple Church movement, has exploded on the global scene. As traditional churches decline in attendance, the Simple Church movement is experiencing a growth rate in excess of 1000 percent. While recognizing the value and role the traditional Legacy Churches play, Dan and John also explore in detail the problems created when there is too much reliance on large congregational gatherings.

The Simple Church movement is resulting in mass evangelism and a tremendous increase in discipleship. John and Dan discuss the reasons for this and the many benefits associated with small group meetings, while at the same time recognizing the difficulties common to most Simple Churches. The evidence is quite clear that when it comes to making strong and effective disciples for Christ, the home churches, or simple churches, are way ahead of the bigger churches.

This teaching is a must for anyone who desires to oversee or participate in a Simple Church, House Church, cell-group, or fellowship.

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