Work Stuff

Gainfully Employed

But who is gainfully employed, you ask?


That’s right, friends, I have jumped back into the working pool. I was interviewed for the job yesterday and she called me yesterday afternoon to tell me I had the job.

I can’t go into details, obviously, but I can tell you that I’m now working in a doctor’s office.


My title is “scheduler” and I’m in charge of making sure people are referred to the right places and to take care of patients who come in. I will be working with three other gals (though I will also be directly communicating with about seven doctors and their nurses and PA’s, too!) and I couldn’t be more excited about this. It’s a challenging position and requires quick thinking and good communication. Since I thrive in that environment, I say, BRING IT ON!!

The woman who interviewed me is SUPER NICE and we hit it off immediately. I wasn’t too sure about this position when I first went in to interview. I had a general idea of what I thought the job would be, but when she explained it to me I got excited because it really sounds fun. I’ll be super busy and I love jobs where I’m busy all day long. I feel productive and on top of my game.

I went in this morning and filled out some preliminary paperwork and was taken around the facility to meet everyone. The facility has a basement, which I wasn’t aware of, so suffice it to say, this place is HUGE and WOW, so many people! I quickly felt overwhelmed, but everyone was so nice and I really felt like I could fit in.

After I left, I went and got my drug test taken care of and then came up to the office to give Kevin and Dude the good news. I have a stack of papers to fill out to have ready to go when I go to orientation on September 19th. I have two days of orientation and then I will start my first day at the facility on Wednesday, September 21st.

But the best part of this? (Though it’s really only icing on the cake because I really think I’m going to like what I’m doing) is that I GET TO WEAR SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!


I’m insanely excited about that. I know that sounds lame, but I’ve always thought scrubs were ‘da bomb and I can’t wait to wear them. It’ll be like working in my pajamas!!

The office wears certain colors certain days, so I will be going to a place that sells scrubs this next week to buy what I need. My boss said to tell them where I’ll be working and they would know what sort of stuff I would need.

Here are the colors:

Monday is olive
Tuesday is eggplant purple (FAVORITE COLOR)
Wednesday is teal
Thursday is lavender
Friday is wine

I’ll be working 8:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, which is PERFECT, because I’ll have my Saturdays off to go to Jazz’s band competitions next month.

I can’t wait to buy the scrubs. I’ll take pictures, of course. 😀

When I had my drug test, they made an appointment for me for a general checkup. They said it was standard practice for all employees, so I will go in on October 10th and have that done. I’m sort of nervous about that actually because I haven’t been to the doctor for a general checkup in … gosh, probably not since the boys were born.

I’ll try and write about my experiences as much as I can, but it will be limited and generic, of course.

I have no idea how often I will be updating this blog, but I want to keep a record of what’s going on, so I’ll try and get to it as much as I can. I have 30 minutes for lunch, which means I’ll be taking my lunches and eating in the break room. I plan on taking my laptop with me to stay on top of emails. (They have free Wi-Fi at the office).

I still plan on maintaining websites while I work. So, in essence, I will have two jobs. I will catch up on emails when I get home every night. In short, I’m going to be busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve already told Kevin that he’s going to have to be Mr. Mom now. I won’t have the flexibility to drop what I’m doing and take care of the family now. He says he’s more than ready to take on that role.

I can’t believe all of this happened in just two days. I’ve been looking for a job now for quite a few months, but this is only the second one I actually applied for. I’m really surprised they gave me the chance considering I don’t have any medical experience to speak of.

But I suppose we all have to start somewhere, right?

I seriously see myself working in this industry for the next 30 years. There are so many opportunities that it makes my head spin. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find some way to utilize my technical writing degree.

I can’t wait for September 19th to get here!