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Tickle to Distract


I know. Mush-ville. But seriously, Kevin is the best father. He has always made time for his boys. He always helps them when they need him. He always interacts with them and always tells them that he loves them.

Anyway. Here’s an example of how hands-on he was with the boys. He would routinely get on the floor with them and distract them so I could get some things done.

One thing about Kevin’s tickles (then and now), they’re HARD. He digs his fingers in so much that it goes beyond the realm of tickling and into pain. He doesn’t mean to, and he eases up whenever you say something, but I think he’s so focused on making you laugh that he tries a little too hard. ha!

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: Mary, the Mother of Jesus: Defining True Greatness

by John Schoenheit
This teaching is about Mary, the mother of Jesus. It covers many aspects of her life and character that show she was a truly great woman of God. Her family pedigree was exalted and spotless. She was born into spiritual royalty because she was a descendant of David through his son Solomon and down through the kings of Judah, including such greats as Asa, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and Josiah.

Mary was a woman of faith, courage, humility, praise, and prayer. She was a good wife and mother, and an exemplary disciple of Christ. Nevertheless, Mary often is not given the recognition she deserves, and that is primarily due to all the fanciful things that have been taught about her, such as that she was a “perpetual virgin,” or that she answers prayers and dispenses grace. These unbiblical things tend to make the average Protestant Christian avoid studying her life, which is sad, because she was an awesome believer. We can learn a lot from the woman who was chosen by God to bear His only begotten Son.

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