Work Stuff

Please Don’t Make Me Get a Flu Shot

Second day of orientation is in the bag, ya’ll!

*high five*

Today was more “serious.” They covered confidentiality issues (which includes blogging, by the way), and compliance issues.

So yeah. I’m going to have to gloss over a lot of what happens at work, but I would have done that anyway. I can, in no way, talk about patients or even relate patient stories because there’s a chance that someone, somewhere, might read this and put two-and-two together and BAM – I’ve violated the confidentiality issue.

They told us stories of some of the things that people have done over the years and no matter how innocent the intention was, the bottom line is, they compromised a patient’s right to his/her confidentiality.

I have no idea how much, if anything, I write about work from this point on. I certainly don’t want to get in trouble or, God forbid, lose my job because of this silly journal – I’m not making any promises.

I was also told today that I’m pretty much going to be required to get a flu shot.


I have never gotten a flu shot and I certainly don’t want to start now. But if I opt out of the flu shot and we have an epidemic? I could be put on suspension until the epidemic is under control.

It sounds crazy on the surface and UGH, but I do understand where my employer is coming from. And I certainly don’t want to put myself at risk. We’ll have to see what they say at my general checkup appointment.

But I’m really hoping I can opt out of it. I really don’t want a flu shot.

Orientation is over. It was a grueling two days but I learned a lot about the company and I’m really looking forward to starting at my “office” tomorrow. I’m nervous. I’ll be glad when the initial awkwardness is over.

I get to wear my teal scrubs tomorrow.

Also? I look like a football player in scrubs.


Oh. And I almost forgot: the company’s annual picnic is this weekend. ……….. And we might go!! OMG!