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Writing What You (Don’t) Know

Mary thought he looked a little like Tom Selleck, only with blonde hair. She pressed her face a little closer to the knothole in the fence to spy on him.

She thought he had a great chest – all hairy and hard.

Mary thought it would be nice to run her fingers through all of that hair.

She thought …

Laura stopped typing. “Mary, you think too much,” she mumbled taking a moment to proofread her work.

“This is the worse romance story EVER,” she snarled while pounding on the delete key.

She placed her head in her hands and cried.





Write up to 100 words, fact or fiction….

This is a themed writing meme hosted by The Head’s Office. The goal is to write something that does not exceed 100 words. The prompt this week is in bold.

10 thoughts on “Writing What You (Don’t) Know”

  1. Oh poor girl! Such harsh criticism! This is a really fun piece. I was there looking through that fence drooling! I tried romance too & probably fared as well!

  2. I’m afraid using Tom Selleck shows my age. ha!

    Also? I write romance so I can have a little fun with the genre. 😀

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this, started one way and ended another. I’ve been blogging (increasingly) for three years but have not tackled writing other things until now.

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