Two Years and Counting Down

The day finally arrived …

Sorry for the wash out. I was lucky he smiled at all. This was the best I could do and only after I called him a booger head, or something like that.

… Junior year.

Jazz only has two years left. Dude graduated this past May, so I only had one child going to school today.

I’d say it felt weird, but it really didn’t. And that’s mainly because Dude got out two weeks earlier than the rest of the school district so we already went through that “this is weird that you’re home when your brother has to go to school” phase.

Jazz was NOT HAPPY to start back to school. I’ll be honest, neither of my boys like school. There’s no sugar coating it, they both honestly hate school. Though school is a bit more tolerable for Jazz because of his involvement with band.

The beginning of school is no big deal in our house anymore. It hasn’t been a big deal for a few years now. The last time it was even remotely exciting was when Jazz started high school. I don’t even buy supplies anymore. I used to buy the boys a new backpack every year (because little boys go THROUGH the backpacks, for some reason), but I haven’t even had to do that because I bought them better backpacks when they started high school and they’ve lasted so there hasn’t been a reason to buy them a new one.

And other than a few one-inch binders, mechanical pencils and paper, they don’t need anything else. (Though a good calculator does come in handy). So I miss not doing the whole shopping for back-to-school supplies anymore.

Since the boys have slowed down on the growing front, I haven’t had to buy them new clothes in a while, either. Though I did have to buy Jazz new jeans TWICE last year – not bigger, but longer. The boy has GOTTEN TALL. (He’s like one of the tallest in his class now, which is so weird, since he was always the smallest in his class until this past year).

I’m taking Jazz to school in the mornings and since we’ve asked Dude to come to the office in the mornings now, he has enough time to work on his computer stuff a while before leaving to pick Jazz up from school and then his day is over. Our goal is to make sure Jazz has his license by his senior year and then he can drive himself.

(I’m just not convinced that 16 year-old kids should be driving. I know they can legally drive, but I just feel like they’re not mature enough to really handle it. There seems to be a HUGE maturity leap between 16 and 17 so if we can wait for the boys to reach 17 before getting their licenses, so be it).

I’m looking forward to picking him up today, though. He’s always chatty after school and I really enjoy talking with him about his day. If he’s going to tell me anything, it’s right after school.

So. Two more years of public school. I’m ready to move on to the next stage, but I’ll admit, I’m going to miss it.