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Shove Off

If I die young, it’s your fault,” Molly grunted as she tested the bungee contraption around her ankles.

Olivia’s laugh echoed off the surrounding rocks. “You were born old and you just keep getting older and older with each passing year. You can afford to scare a few years off your life.” She gave her friend a playful shove; Molly flapped her arms to recover her balance. She gasped. Her vision tunneled as she stared down at the creek below her.

“What the hell, Olivia!” Molly’s heart abruptly stilled, then slammed back into rhythm.

“Alright girls, that’s enough.” The instructor bent to make sure Molly’s equipment was safely secure. “Let’s do this. Ready?”

“No,” Molly groaned.

“Yes!” Olivia yelled.

“On the count of three,” the instructor said. “One … two …”

“I slept with your boyfriend,” Olivia whispered into her ear and shoved her off the platform.

Molly’s shrill screams startled the wildlife below.





Write up to 150 words, fact or fiction….

This is a themed writing meme hosted by Jenny Matlock. The goal is to write something that does not exceed 150 words (not including said prompt). The prompt is in italics above.

17 thoughts on “Shove Off”

  1. Wow! This was brilliant! I loved, loved, loved this little gem of a story.

    You really twisted this at the end…My imagination drives me along and I think I know where I’m heading as I read each weeks link…imagine my surprise when I realized I was heading a whole different direction when you let me know I was on the wrong interstate entirely.

    Thank you! This was fabulous.

  2. Excellent !
    Clever, unexpected take on the prompt and if she survives the bungee jump, she knows Olivia is no friend…she’s low down mean and cruel !!!

  3. Bungee jumping is not on my bucket list. Too bad Molly didn’t grab Olive for the trip down! What an evil thnkg to say! Hahahaha!!

  4. Awww, What a cruel thing to do! This is well written and very visual. Thanks for a great Centus, and unexpected take on the prompt, which I like a lot.


  5. Very funny, I was waiting for the punch line to be something like they were pre-school age….really, but I think probably not….look out below I say, and probably up if she makes it back up! Great take on the prompt!

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