More Random Crap About Me

You can find the first 75 things about me on this page.

76. I love coffee.
77. I love chocolate.
78. Neither likes me too well.
79. But I don’t care – it’s worth the pain.
80. I hate seafood.
81. I love chicken.
82. I could easily be a vegan.
83. Red meat makes me gag sometimes.
84. I have a hot temper.
85. I also cool off fairly fast.
86. Unless it’s serious,
87. Then I hold a grudge.
88. For a long time.
89. I like my in-laws.
90. I have 12 nieces and nephews.
91. I love walking on my treadmill.
92. I watch movies while walking.
93. I hate to write.
94. But I feel compelled to do it.
95. I never know what I’m going to write,
96. Until I start writing.
97. My goal is to publish a novel.
98. But if I don’t, I’m okay with that.
99. I will leave my mark on the world.
100. One way or another.

Hey! I see you over there snoozing. Wake up! I’m interesting, dang it!

Okay. I’m not. Thanks for visiting anyway.