Work Stuff

Closed Status

I’ve been sitting on pins and needles all day – waiting for THAT call.

The call that would hopefully tell me that I got the job that I sat on three grueling interviews for.

However, I have not received THE call.

And I just checked the job status online – it’s now showing “closed.”

I have no idea what that means, but I’m assuming it means they picked someone for the job and since I haven’t heard anything, I’m assuming they picked the other person.

I lost.

Game over.

At least, this particular game.

I’m disappointed, of course, but there is a small part of me that is relieved – I’m not sure the job was a good fit for me, quite frankly. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe this means there is a better job out there waiting for me, I don’t know.

If nothing else, it was good practice, to get back out there and interview. I was honest – maybe that was my downfall. Maybe I should have stuck with more “bottled” responses. But dang it, it sure seemed like they appreciated my honesty. I left those interviews feeling pretty good .. maybe my people perception is off. Maybe I can’t read people as well as I think I can.


Now what. It’s back to the listings, I suppose. I have my application in for three other positions within the industry – the recruiter I interviewed with was supposed to forward my application to another department – the other positions are likely in other departments, which means I’ll likely have to interview with the recruiters responsible for those departments.

I may end up being a professional interviewer before this is all over.

In the meantime, I need to focus my energies on other things – I’m working on a template for a school website now in the hopes that I can persuade them to buy it from me and then use me to maintain it after it goes live. I’m also focusing on my writing again. I’ve been trying to post short fiction pieces as a warm up, if you will, for a novel I’ve had in the back of my mind (I’m thinking of doing the NaNoWriMo exercise only next month), and a writing contest that I’ve wanted to enter for only … forever.

I can’t dwell on my disappointment (though I could still get a call, I guess. I may be jumping the gun a bit), so I’ll move on and focus on other things.

It’s just, now that I’m ready to get back out into the working world, I want it to happen NOW. I’m mentally prepared to get back out there.

I’ll just have to be patient for a bit longer, I guess.

UPDATE: It’s now been a week since my last interview and I haven’t heard anything. *sigh* The glimmer of hope dims with each passing day. But you know? I’m confident there is something out there for me and apparently, this wasn’t it. I’m not giving up – I have more applications out there so we’ll see where this journey takes me.