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SOC: Saving Baby Clothes

Looking at today’s Silent Sunday picture, I’m left wondering … have I saved any of the boy’s baby clothes? I know, at one time, I did, or at least, I thought I did (or I intended to), but if I did, I have no idea where they might be.

Kevin organizes me. And when he organizes me, I can’t find anything. Ever. In fact, a lot of times he can’t remember where he put stuff so I’m left scratching my head until I finally give up and resign myself to the fact that it probably got thrown away.

Kevin also organizes the boys. Which really makes the boys angry because then they can’t find anything. But to be fair, Kevin gives them plenty of notice and if he DIDN’T organize them (us), there’s no telling what our house would look like.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most organized person out there. Though I put stuff away, it’s not really out of sight but rather, put aside, so that I know where stuff is, but to look at my “organization” the normal Joe/Jane would be like, “Good grief, doesn’t this woman EVER clean house?”

There’s a method to my organized chaos, thank you very much.

I hope I saved SOMETHING from their baby years. I know my mom is really good about saving stuff and I roll my eyes at all of her “junk”, but honestly? I envy her the foresight. I get sick of seeing things after a while and I have a tendency to just toss it out than look at it for another day.

I’m going to be really sad if my boys ask me if I kept anything from their baby years and I’m going to have to force myself to look into their brown/blue eyes and admit that no, I didn’t.

Just chock it up to one more mom fail.

Tell me readers, have you saved any clothes/items from your children’s baby years?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t. 😦

*ding* Time’s up.


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6 thoughts on “SOC: Saving Baby Clothes”

  1. Hi. I’m Fadra. I oversave. I save everything. We are planning to move so I’ve had to rethink my “organization” and what I attach sentimental value to. It’s hard. I think I’m finding balance between saving and purging but it IS hard.

  2. I saved everything after my son outgrew it…and then I got pregnant a second time and we found out it was a girl. I went through everything and only pulled out the things we really remembered him wearing a lot. And the things that a girl could wear. Now I only want to keep a few things from each year…but we will see.

  3. I haven’t saved much. I’m not really a saver kind of person. My husband is always after me because I’m too quick to throw things away. I have a tote for each kid and I save the bare minimum. I hope they won’t hate me for it one day. LOL

  4. You know, I think you’re right. Even though Kevin acted pleased that his mom saved something from his babyhood, I think I’m the one who appreciated it more.

    I’m sure my boys won’t care if I saved anything, but I DO wish I had something tangible to hold on to.


  5. I think organization is over-rated. Of course, this is because my organization looks like a mess. Hey.. I know which pile stuff is in.

    I’m not a parent, so I don’t have baby things of my children… but I do have some treasures that my Mom saved from my childhood. I think it’s a lovely thing to do. They won’t really appreciate it until they are grown. And even then, their wives will probably care more about the treasures than they will.

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