Where Will He Go Next?

This is my oldest nephew. And this is a commercial for the Gowalla app he, and his co-workers, developed for the iPhone.

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Yes Gowalla lovers – my nephew is THE Keegan Jones from Gowalla. 😀 And the guy is only 23!! Actually, he’s 23 TODAY!

Happy birthday, Keegan!

They are constantly doing creative things like this with the company he works with. Wouldn’t that be a FUN job?

I want a job at his company!

I came on the scene when this dude was like one. In fact, me, Kevin and Dude were at Keegan’s seventh birthday party when I was pregnant with Jazz and I remember feeling really weird at his birthday party – just out of sorts. Not in pain, but something felt “off.” My mother-in-law said, “I bet you have that baby soon.”

Jazz was born the next day. (Meaning, Jazz will be 16 tomorrow!!)

We’re so proud of Keegan. He’s turning out to be quite the successful young man.

Do you use Gowalla? Or some other location app on your phone?

I don’t have a fancy phone, so I don’t use anything like this, but I know the programs are quite popular.

(P.S. Ugh. It’s laggy – you might hit the pause button and let it load before watching it. But please watch it – it’s worth it!)