I Need a Place to Spice Things Up

I have a question for you, readers …

What in the WORLD do you do with your spices? How do you organize them?!

We just threw them haphazardly into our old cabinets before but now that we’re starting over, we’re starting with a clean slate, (or cabinets, if you want to split hairs), and I really want to try and find a place for everything; I want organization.

Only, I am NOT the most organized person, trust me. Kevin organizes me and though he’s currently working on the problem, this is the best we could come up with for our spice problem.

We went to Target last night and bought this spice rack. Which is great, and it’s nice, and it looks organized, but it only holds 16 spices.

Now please turn your attention to the plastic containers indicated in the photo – we have spices coming out our ying-yang!!

This seriously drives me nuts.

I’m trying to get away from just throwing our extras into the cabinet (which sort of negates the whole pretty spice rack thing, doesn’t it), but I don’t really see a way around it. The spices in the cabinet are the ones we use all the time. The spices in the containers are either extra spices or spices we don’t use as often.

I would never, in a million years lose sleep over this problem, but this really bugs me.

And then … AND THEN …

We have the medicine problem. We don’t have a medicine cabinet, we’ve always just stuck our medicine up in our kitchen cabinets. And we have room for them now, but again, how do I organize these suckers?? I have a whole duffel bag full of drugs (I’d take a picture but honestly, you get the idea). How in the world am I going to put them back into the cabinet in an organized fashion?

I’m having a serious brain fart here.

Kevin came home last night to find that I had NOT put the kitchen back together again like I said I was going to (he was very annoyed with me). And if you want the God’s honest truth – I was so stumped on what to do with the spices and the drugs, I simply couldn’t put anything else into the cabinets until I had figured it out.

I’m so pathetic!!

Anyway, nearly everything else is in place, I still need to store my “good” dishes, but other than that, we’ve moved back in. I have a whole box full of old/warped dishes that I was going to try and give to the Salvation Army (we’ve had some of these dishes since the 70’s!! Well, not “we”, but they were Kevin’s) and we’re on a mission to buy new pots and pans but WOW, those suckers are expensive. AND, to top it off, our stove top? Super sensitive to scratches.


So, we went to Target, Wal-Mart, JCPenney Home Store and Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for a skillet and a saucepan that had a smooth bottom so they wouldn’t scratch our new stove top. We found it in hard-anodized nonstick cookware. At least, we hope it won’t scratch – I’ll be cooking with it for the first time tonight.

We’ll just have to concentrate on lifting the pans straight up as opposed to scraping them along the burner when taking them off.

Oh yes. We’re being quite anal but you know, this is nice stuff, stuff that needs to last us, well, a lifetime, so we’re hell-bent on making sure it STAYS nice, you know?

In the meantime, I still have this stupid spice and medicine problem.

This domestic stuff is not as easy as it looks. lol

random stuff

OK – GO!

Do you guys remember the group, OK Go, who made that totally awesome treadmill video?

Well, they’re back with a new song and and even more awesome video!!

Wasn’t that fun?? I LOVE complicated, mind-blowing videos like that. I think my favorite part were the umbrellas falling down. So cool. Though I don’t know, the typewriter was pretty impressive, too. What was your favorite part?

And I’m totally going to put this song on my iPod!

Their t-shirt is pretty fantastic, too.