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OK – GO!

Do you guys remember the group, OK Go, who made that totally awesome treadmill video?

Well, they’re back with a new song and and even more awesome video!!

Wasn’t that fun?? I LOVE complicated, mind-blowing videos like that. I think my favorite part were the umbrellas falling down. So cool. Though I don’t know, the typewriter was pretty impressive, too. What was your favorite part?

And I’m totally going to put this song on my iPod!

Their t-shirt is pretty fantastic, too.

2 thoughts on “OK – GO!”

  1. You’re right – the part where they smash the TV playing their treadmill video was very clever.

    This is stupid to get excited about – but I was fortunate enough to stumble onto this video shortly after they uploaded – it only had a little over 400 views when I watched it the first time. Now it’s over 1,000,000!

    Just thought I’d point that out. 😀

  2. I loved it! I think my favorite part was the tv getting crushed – only because it was playing the treadmill video at the time.

    I also liked the unbrellas. That was a very cool effect.

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