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Reflections: Power of Prayer

From time to time, I’ll be recording thoughts and events from my childhood. These memories are prompted from the Reflections from a Mother’s Heart – Your Life Story in Your Own Words. I plan on filling this book out one of these days to pass onto my children. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds the lives of our parents fascinating. It’s weird to think of my parents as children and it’s really fun to hear stories about their past, how they met, etc. If my children read about my past, perhaps they will understand me just a little better.


What kind of prayer did you say before you went to sleep? Who taught you how to pray it?

“Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord will keep me safe. If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

That was the prayer I used every night for years before I went to bed. For a while, I did kneel at the side of my bed, but I don’t remember doing that very long though I’m sure I did up until I was in about the third or fourth grade.

Mom taught me how to pray. First that prayer and then later, when I felt I was too old for such a kiddie prayer, to “talk” to God. There wasn’t a formula; I just remember her talking about God as if he was an old friend and how she trusted him. From that point on, I “talked” to God and didn’t really have a set prayer or pattern in how I prayed. I don’t have a set prayer today but there is a certain pattern that I follow. I pray for Kevin and his job situation, I pray for the kids and whatever is going on in their lives. I pray for our country and for strength to maintain our Christian faith, I pray for my extended family and finally for myself. I always end my prayers with “In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.”

It wasn’t until some years later that I learned the power of prayer. I’ve always been suspicious of “religion” and never felt comfortable with any teaching methods. All I knew was that I was a Christian, I believed in God and his son, and in the Bible. I distrusted preachers and their motives.

When my husband came along, he taught me A LOT about the Bible. He introduced me to classes that he had taken that really opened my eyes and taught me how to read, interpret, and understand the Bible. We took classes together and I knew it was right because it FELT right. It all sounded so logical and I finally UNDERSTOOD how all of the information fit together. I finally understood why people believed what they did, though I still feel impatient with people who are willing to accept someone’s word that something is “right” without taking the time to check it out for themselves. The Bible is a giant jigsaw puzzle; it takes time to put together and all of the pieces are not readily available (it’s sometimes necessary to understand the language that was used in those days and how it’s interpreted in today’s language as well as the culture of that time period) but it all fits together – there are NO contradictions. And contrary to popular belief, the Bible was MEANT for us to understand – it’s not a mystery, but a secret. Mysteries imply that they will never be solved. Secrets will be revealed, when the time is right.

I speak in tongues. In essence, speaking in tongues is a private language between you and God — you are not meant to understand it, others will likely not understand it (though there were times when the disciplines in the Bible spoke in tongues and others understood them), but God will. He will understand.

I speak in tongues privately. I have not, nor will likely ever, speak in tongues in front of people unless I am willing to interpret for others to hear. Speaking in tongues is a chance to empty my soul and heart to God and I feel incredibly peaceful after my “conversation.”

God wishes Christians to speak in tongues — it’s part of prayer and it edifies and blesses a Christian believer.

Prayer is a crucial part of our Christian walk.