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Not Me Monday


I did not wash Dude’s cell phone. I always check my sons’ pockets before throwing their pants into the wash. And I did not feel just a teeny bit glad that it was ruined because that meant none of his friends could call and ask him to go out anywhere which meant he would be forced to stay home, safe and sound.

I would NEVER feel that way. Nope, not me.

I absolutely did NOT sweet talk my husband into hemming Jazz’s band pants for him because I’m a GOOD little home maker and I would never willingly give over a traditional “woman’s” job to my husband because I am definitely a home maker sort of woman.

Nuh huh, not me.

Hemming Pants
(And you do not see this photo, either. Move along. Nothing to see.).

I most certainly DID NOT encourage my husband to go out and buy the bike of his dreams this past Saturday because that simply would have been irresponsible of me. No good wife would WANT her husband to buy a street bike and possibly crash, no sirree.

New Bike
(Just ignore this photo – what photo? Exactly).

And it would just be cruel for me to knock on the window and make all sorts of funny faces and sweet smoochies at my husband as he’s precariously balancing up on a ladder and cleaning out the gutters.

I would never do that. What sort of woman do you think I am?

And if you DARE to think that I would be 6,000 words behind on my National Novel Writing Month project well …..

You would be right about that one.


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  1. Bla bla bla…lol
    We want stories, We want stories, we want stories..Everyone now, We want stories, we want stories..Nice bike, we want stories.
    Ding! awww… I gotta go do the laundry.

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