Two of the Greatest Joys in My Life

Here are the boys’ school pictures:


Our boys are kind, smart and handsome – we make good people, Kevin. 🙂

I’m VERY pleased with the pictures this year. They have good smiles and the colors look great.

(Lifetouch goofed up and gave me two CD’s with Dude’s pictures on them, so I had to scan Jazz’s picture – hence the reason it looks grainy. *sad face*)

This was the last year that Dude will have his picture taken at school. Next year (next summer, actually), he’ll have his senior pictures taken.

THAT should be fun! 😀

I’m actually looking forward to the experience. I didn’t have my senior picture taken so once again, I’m living THROUGH my sons. *grin*

Actually, I don’t know why I didn’t have my senior pictures taken. I was working at the time and I could have easily paid for them myself … I guess I wasn’t willing to part with my hard-earned money just to have pictures of ME.

How boring.

I’ll have to start shopping around for a photographer in January. I hear they get booked up fast during the summer months.

2 thoughts on “Two of the Greatest Joys in My Life”

  1. I know. I remember.

    1. I was too embarrassed to pose.
    2. I thought it was sort of narcissistic.
    3. I didn’t want to pay for pictures of me.

    I was a doofus. What can I say.

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