Hair is No Longer an Issue

I can’t believe the kid did it, but did it he did.


We went and got it cut after school today. He was pretty nervous about getting it cut, but he was also determined to do it.


He was pretty somber in the chair, but when the stylist turned around to do something, he smiled at me in the mirror, so I think he was okay with the change. The stylist laughed when she caught him smiling.

It’s been a few hours since he had it done and now he has “buyer’s remorse,” I think. It’s just so short and so different than what he had that he’s having trouble adjusting. He’s also worried about how his classmates will react tomorrow. He did post a notice on Facebook, so some of his chums will already be prepared.

I asked him one question:

“Are you more embarrassed having short hair or having to wear barrettes to keep it out of your face?”

“Good point,” was his reply.

So, he’ll be fine.

Of course, I’m thrilled. But I’m trying not to act all that excited about it because you know, we can’t have mom liking it too much. It’s been long for three years now and it IS different, but I really think he’s going to like not having to fool with it.

Especially when he marches this Friday and all of his buddies who have long hair are having to deal with putting it up.

At any rate, I’m proud of him. That took a lot of courage to do something that drastic.

Two thumbs up, buddy.

5 thoughts on “Hair is No Longer an Issue”

  1. three hail mary’s I think he looks great and love the smile it go’s great with the band hat. nice looking young man indeed.


  2. I KNOW!! I honestly couldn’t believe it either. And when I saw just how much hair was cut off *shudder*. The kid has a lot of hair.

    He plans on growing it back out after marching band is over. (He says now, we’ll see how he feels about it after a few months). And his hat fits perfectly now. Kevin tied the ends together inside the hat (duh, we didn’t do that the first performance and the hat kept falling into his face – we’re such NEWBS!), and with his new haircut, he looks fantastic. He is really going to love not having the hair drama now.

    In fact, he’s inspired several of his male band members (via Facebook) into thinking about cutting their hair for the season, too.

    Who knows! Maybe he’ll start a trend!

    It DID help that one girl friend on Facebook commented, “Awww, it’s cute!” He liked that. 😀

  3. NO FREAKIN WAY!!! I know I suggested a hair cut, but I never thought he’d do it! I guess barettes are just too girly.

    It looks good. It really does. It’s not like he changed his style – it’s just shorter. Tell him I approve. As if my opinion matters to him. 🙂

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