Vlogemotions: Uncomfortable

This video carnival, aptly named Vlogemotions (get it? Video + blog + emotions = Vlogemotions) focuses on one specific emotion per week and is brought to you by Fort Thompson.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, this won’t come as any big shock. It’s consumed my entire week so it’s pretty much been all I could think about or deal with the past several days. Think of this as an explanation for all those cryptic tweets. 😐

(Sorry this is so long. I had no idea it was six minutes!! But it felt good to talk it out and get my frustration out so … if you experience anything similar, please let me know! I’d be interested in hearing how you handle the times you’re incapacitated. Thanks for listening!).

Here is my emotional contribution for the week:

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4 thoughts on “Vlogemotions: Uncomfortable”

  1. I am so glad to see you back doing some Vlogemo’s!

    Im not however happy to hear that you are in so much pain.

    I get the same thing sometimes. The pain is actually caused by the pinching of the nerves where the inflamation is. Thats why the muscle relaxers didnt work. Even if the muscle relaxes the inflamation is still there and still pinching the nerves. Try taking some advil to reduce the swelling this should help. I would also take some hot baths to help relax the muscles and improve the blood flow.

    You are in our prayers,


  2. Thank you for the well wishes, Blue and Patty. I’m feeling better, but still pretty sore.

    Patty – I also read about the lack of potassium might be a reason for the knots. I’m definitely going to keep better tabs on my intake. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope that you feel better soon Karen. And I hope the stresser you mentioned in your video resolves itself as well.
    I used to get some really bad muscle cramps in my calves on occasion and someone suggested to be it was due to a lack of potassium in my diet. So I started tracking the potassium in foods I ate for a week and was startled to see just how little potassium there was in some foods. It has been some time since my last muscle attack.

  4. Ouch sounds like it really hurts.
    I have muscle knotts in and around my ribcage not fun at all. I use to be a smoker of tobacco I finally quit after several years of smoking but I didn’t quit before I did quite a bit of damage to my lungs. I wish I had never been a smoker there isn’t anyone I can blame but myself so like you said I have to learn to deal with it.

    I truly pray your pain will soon go away and you can feel better again. Karen

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