Video: Hurts So Good

Kevin’s band, Midnite Thunder, played at Cartoons this past Saturday. (Kevin is the guitar player on the right). Here is one of the videos I took that night:

The quality stinks, sorry about that. I was sitting near the back (there was a birthday party and they took up most of the front section) so I couldn’t get any closer.

Kevin was not happy with their performance, they couldn’t seem to get their endings in sync. But the man is never happy with his performance, so that’s nothing new.

I sat with my in-laws (thank goodness they came, otherwise, I’d have been totally alone and my LOSER status would have been confirmed for all to see). And I actually had an alcoholic beverage (okay, two) this go-around. I haven’t had a drink-drink in oh gosh, YEARS. I’m just not that big into alcohol.

And I hadn’t planned on having a drink that night, but I got there before my in-laws, and I was sitting by myself and feeling like a (bigger) loser, so I went ahead and ordered a Vodka Collins.

OMG! I had forgotten how YUMMY Vodka Collins were! They taste like a kicky lemonade, in case you’ve never had one.

(Don’t worry. I drank water after my second call for alcohol and was quite sober (ish) to drive home afterwards. I kid. I was fine, folks. Seriously).

So, there I am, drinking in front of my in-laws. I felt weird at first, and even more weird as my buzz came on and I had to put all of my energies into enunciating my words so I didn’t SOUND drunk in front of my in-laws, but it was all good and besides, this is who I am.

Take it or leave it.

The dancing girl — you know which one I’m talking about. I was told she was not drunk. 😯 Whatever. I’m not here to judge. I DO, however, admire her guts to get out there and have a good time and at the very least, she was entertaining to watch.

The band is playing again this Friday night, July 31st, at The New Key Largo. I think I’m going to take the actual video camera this time (as opposed to taping on my Canon PowerShot) and see if I can’t get some better footage.

And this is assuming I’m level-headed enough TO tape them because hell yeah I’m having another Vodka Collins.

Because I’m WILD like that. *snort*

(By the way, I Tweeted about this, in case you’re interested).