The President is Not Reforming, He’s Reinventing

bureaucrat Yes, I’m going to get political. My apologizes to those that disagree with me but folks, this is important.

And I’m worried.

Especially for our children and senior citizens.

I woke up this morning and checked Twitter. (Twitter has become just as addicting to me as my morning coffee — yes, it IS that pathetic). And I noticed a tweet that said something along the lines of “If we had nationalized health care *beep* (I removed the name of the child to protect the Tweeter), would have died.”

And then she gave a link to a video. The same video you see below. Even if you WANT national health care, PLEASE watch it. You owe it to yourself, to your loved ones and to your children to carefully weigh, analyze and THINK about the pros and cons, ESPECIALLY THE CONS, of government-run health care and what it will do to our country.

The same country we will hand over to our children someday.

Do you REALLY want our system to deteriorate to this point?! Where even our children have to wait for important, even life-saving, treatment?? Or some bureaucrat gets to decide whether your grandmother receives the treatment she needs to prolong, and/or improve the quality of her life or denies the treatment she needs because she’s old enough and she’s lived a long and good life?

Do we REALLY want to give our government the ability to play God in our lives?

Now I’m a fair person. So I will take this video with a grain of salt. It’s most likely slanted. And there’s no telling how many people he interviewed who were happy with Canada’s health care system.

But the point is, it could get this bad.

But what if this video is pretty accurate? Do you really want to wait months, sometimes YEARS, to get in to see a doctor? Do you really want to take the chance that the medicine you, or your child needs, is not available??

Do you really want to pay 50% more in taxes on consumer goods so we can help pay for this crappy system? Do you really want to be taxed for paying taxes?!

NOTHING is free, people. Nothing. The money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is US, the people. And just think about this for a minute: can you think of ANY government program that you’re happy with? Can you think of ANY government program that runs like it should, like our politicians have promised us it would?

Do you REALLY want to hand something over as precious and important as our health, or the health of our children, to the government?!

I actually felt sick, tense and anxious after I watched this video. Again, take it with a grain of salt, but the point of the video (and please don’t focus on the host, or his facial expressions or how he looks or the quality of the video, blahblahblah, but pay attention to the POINT), is that it COULD happen. It COULD take weeks, even months, to see a doctor.

And God forbid you need medical treatment on the weekend!!

Remember the days when we had walk-in clinics? When all you had to wait was 30 minutes to see a doctor and then the doctor could actually help you and didn’t advise you to go to yet another department for a form or for the treatment you need?

Yeah. Socialized medicine will eradicate, wipe-out, destroy that luxury. That luxury that we take for granted now.

And let’s think about the economics of the situation for a moment. If our government starts dictating our health care system and mandates that doctors take a pay cut, and/or they control the amount these doctors can be paid, then what is that going to do the men and women who are thinking about going into the health care field? Will it motivate them to go to a college for X number of years, pay an insane amount of money to pay for that schooling only to get into the field and NOT be able to make the money they envisioned when they began the journey? Do you think this will motivate future doctors to enter the field at all?

And what about the doctors already established in the field. Will they be motivated to hone their skills, to become BETTER doctors if they know all of their hard work will amount to nothing because the government is their puppet master?

The number of doctors going into the field will diminish. It’s only natural. It’s logical. And this means, that eventually, there will be less doctors.

But the number of people who need medical care will be the same. Even go up because if people think they can just walk in and get a stuffy nose and/or a headache taken care of because after all, it’s free, they will. Which will further clog the system and prevent people who truly need medical treatment from getting it!

Economics 101: Supply goes down + demand goes up = PROBLEMS FOR US!

I am NOT saying that our health care system doesn’t need reform. The price of health care has skyrocketed and that’s partly because the health care field knows it will be paid because the insurance companies will end up paying it. It absolutely needs to be restructured and overhauled, no question about it. But turning it completely over to the government, to control and therein control OUR HEALTH CARE NEEDS, is not the answer.

And the fact that our government is so hell-bent on passing this new law, this 1,000 + page law that NO ONE HAS HAD THE TIME TO READ AND ANALYZE, really worries me. What’s the hurry? This is a big deal. This will affect our country for YEARS. We owe it to ourselves and our children to do this right. Rushing through the process because our president is worried about his approval ratings is insane. And the fact that the president claims this bill is not about him is crazy too — it’s all about him. He is desperate to pass something that actually WORKS (remember the failed stimulus plan??)

And if it’s not about him, as he claims, then why are some news stories headlining: Obama may have to wait for health care passage . Shouldn’t that read, “Nation may have to wait for health care passage?”

Let’s slow down and look at this like rational adults. Let’s stop allowing our emotions to rule our heads. Our future generations are counting on us to get this right.