So, we’ve been trapping Japanese beetles now for one week. And every single day, we’re filling up two of the bags you see in the video below.

And when I say we’re “filling” them, I mean we are FILLING them. The bags are so full Kevin has to put the bag into a Wal-Mart bag in order to keep the beetles lucky enough to be on top from spilling out.

If you haven’t seen a Japanese beetle (close up of bug, don’t click if you’re squeamish), they look like tiny June bugs.

Clear as mud?

They are actually sort of cute. They have a hard shell and they are sort of a green/bronze color.

Apparently, the buggers were accidentally shipped to the U.S.:

From Wikipedia: As the name suggests, the Japanese beetle is native to Japan. The insect was first found in the United States in 1916 in a nursery near Riverton, New Jersey. It is thought that beetle larvae entered the United States in a shipment of iris bulbs prior to 1912 when inspections of commodities entering the country began.

And since the U.S. doesn’t host the natural enemy of the Japanese beetle (a wicked looking wasp), then they have become an annoying infestation.

These insects damage plants by skeletonizing the foliage, that is, consuming only the leaf material between the veins. Hence the reason we have found hundreds of paper-thin leaves in our yard: they were killing our tree.

We’ve never had a problem with these beetles in the past and supposedly, they only have a year life span so hopefully, we won’t have this problem next year. But I do wonder if there is some correlation between our beetle infestation this year and the sheer number of moles we’ve had. After all, the beetles lay their eggs in the grass and they turn into grubs, which attract moles … so, I’m thinking there’s a connection in there somewhere.

And speaking of our stupid mole problem …

The mole guy came out a few days ago and set more traps. And of course, another one went off immediately.

This now makes a grand total of TEN moles that we’ve caught in our yard. And our yard is only a little under 1/2 acre folks.

Even the mole guy said this was unusual to find so many in such a small plot of land.

I think our mole guy is feeling sorry for us. He said he would “cap” the dollar amount once we reached it and any moles he catches from that point on he won’t charge us for.

I thought that was really nice! I swear, at the rate we’re going, we’ll have to take a loan out just to pay for all of these stupid moles!