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Blogger’s Best Carnival: June 2009



Welcome! Take a load off. It’s Tuesday and it’s time to be productive. Here are some apple turnovers and some dark rich coffee to help you get your day started. Are you ready to click on some really great articles? Thanks for dropping by and Happy Reading!


ø Fiona Leonard presents The Books, The Movies and now The Exhibition posted at Year In America.

ø Julie presents Parenting Teens: Breakups and Broken Hearts posted at More4kids.


ø Elisha Webster Emerson presents Motherhood and the Supermom posted at My Inconvenient Body, saying, “The Supermom myth debunked!”

ø Christina Majaski presents Good News and Happiness posted at Solitary Mama.

ø Sami May presents The Simple posted at Life, Laughs & Lemmings.

ø SmallTownSim presents Like the dog posted at Joy’s Journey To Wellness.

ø Dolorous Dave presents Nashville Truck Driver Fistfights Bridge posted at What’s Your P/E?.


ø Kate Buckley presents Books At The Table, Please posted at Eating The Daisies, saying, “A post about how discussion at the dinner table has evolved, thanks to reading aloud.”


ø William J. Manning presents I Will Take the Rock and the Marmot posted at Daddy Never Hugged Me.

ø Hning presents Regressing posted at Hning, saying, “”Grudgingly, our friendship and brilliant ideas and intricate philosophies will have to wait until your husbands and wives are dead and ungrateful children are gone.””

ø Kilroy_60 presents The Last Road Trip – Part 6 posted at Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers.

ø Brian Spaeth presents Shirtless Pictures posted at Brian’s Thoughts About Airplanes, saying, “This is, I feel, a really important aspect of dating in 2009, and meeting and forming relationships online.”
(Humorous Take On Online Relationships)


Barefoot Foodie: That Will Bring Us Back to Doe … Oh, Oh, Oh

Is it 5 o’clock Yet?: What I Like to Call the “Oh Shit” Factor; or, When the Ape Sh*t Hits the Fan

Pensieve: Insomniatic Thought

Ordinary Art: My Father’s Legacy

Stop Screaming I’m Driving!: Under Pressure

Where Am I Going … and Why Am I in this Hand Basket?: Unsung Hero

Is There Any Mommy Out There?: There May Be Hope

Motherscribe: Do Men Feel this Way? Have We Lost Respect for Men?

Okay, Fine, Dammit: Flying Too Close To The Heat

Bad Mommy Moments: Project Yes

It’s a Mad Madge World: School Projects

Poot and Cubby: And I Held Fairies in My Hands

Mommy’s Martini: Those Big Yellow Buses

Slouching Past 40: After

Sandcastle Momma: The Spider Cache and a Little Payback

The Catherinette Chronicles: Decluttering

Chicken and Cheese: Restless

It’s My Life: I Miss the Time When No One Else Knew Them

Mommy Wizdom: Mommy’s Quiet Time

Caffeinated Mom: Cherish It Today


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