Welcome to Our Home, Make Yourself Comfortable

Can you guess what’s behind this closed shade?

What lies behind this shade?





Give up?

It’s a robin’s nest tucked into the crook of our rain gutter.

Mama's Nest

We keep the shade closed because every time we walk by the window we give the momma bird a tiny heart attack and she flies off leaving the eggs exposed and vulnerable.

We usually have a new bird family move in this time every year. They love our rain gutter because it’s a perfect place to build a nest. It’s up against the house so they have protection from predators, and it’s under the eaves so they have protection from the elements.

After the eggs hatch, the daddy bird usually makes an appearance, bringing worms and other goodies for his young-uns.

We check the progress of the birds every day until one day, they’re gone.

That’s when we remove the nest to make room for the next tenant.

It’s sort of fun hosting our bird families every year.

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  1. I have one at my house as well! I never take down the nest and they just re-use it. Robins are our state bird, so they are protected. Right now, there are four babies there that can barely fit in the nest. I have a feeling they might not be there anymore tomorrow.

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