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Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 7)

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Let’s get started …


I think I’ve found a solution to our dog issue.

You have to admit, it’s a pretty cute solution.

Now any time the guys get the urge to have a dog, I’ll just direct them to the above link. 😉


We don’t go to the doctor very often, but when we go, it’s always interesting to hear what they have to say as opposed to what we THOUGHT was wrong – because we’re the sort of people who exhaust all natural alternatives before breaking down and seeing a doctor.

Case in point: Kevin has had sleep issues his entire life. And it’s quite safe to say, he’s tried everything under the sun to try and make himself sleep better.

But nothing has worked.

He finally, after the 22 years I’ve known him, admitted defeat and made an appointment to see a doctor. He wanted to bypass the general doctor and go straight to a sleep clinic, but the way our health care industry is set up, we have to jump through several hoops before that can happen.

His doctor did a complete physical on him and declared him very healthy. (Thank you, God). Kevin told the doctor my suspicion of him possibly having sleep apnea – there are periods of time the man stops breathing.

But the doctor disagreed given his physical build. He suggested, instead, it might be his sinuses. So, he’s supposed to schedule an appointment for him with an Ears, Nose and Throat doctor.

Fine. We’ll see. I HOPE it actually ends up being something to do with his sinuses as opposed to an apnea condition – that just sounds less serious. But what do I know, I’m no doctor.

In the meantime, the doctor prescribed Kevin some sleep aids, something called Zolpidem. Listen to these side effects;

Diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness (duh), “drugged” feeling, dry mouth, headache, nausea, nose/throat irritation, sluggishness, behavior changes, chest pain, confusion, difficulty swallowing, fainting, fast or irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts.

Good Lord.

He was off work Monday and Tuesday so he went ahead and took half of a pill Monday night. Tuesday, he was a different person. I didn’t even know him, his personality was completely changed. He later told me, when he was somewhat back to normal later Tuesday,after the drug had worn off, that had a severe headache, had a dry mouth and he definitely felt like he had a hangover, but he DID sleep.

But the side effects weren’t worth it to him and he hasn’t taken anymore since that episode. He said he would rather be sleepy all the time than feel like that.


Did you read about the massive computer worm that is set to be released April 1st?

Yeah, as in April Fool’s day? Is this a hoax? Or is it real?

All I know is, don’t give these a-holes the satisfaction of scaring you. Just make sure you have your anti-virus software running in the background, all of your Windows updates are current, you’ve made backups of precious files and be very careful where you click and what you download.

Knowledge and preparation is 3/4 of the battle.


I finally made the decision to make a separate blog for my fiction. It’s called Fiction Fix.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to go ahead and do a separate blog is because my fiction voice is often nothing like my Write From Karen voice. Whenever I write a story, I stay true to my characters. So, if the characters would curse in real life, they’re going to curse in my story. If the story demands physical intimacy between the characters, then it’s going to happen.

I often times feel apprehensive about posting my fiction here on this blog because I don’t want to offend anyone. And I will certainly continue posting stories on this blog, but I’m going to save the more risque stories for Fiction Fix. If you would like to keep track of Fiction Fix, you can find the RSS feed here, or sign up to receive the stories in your email box here.

I must warn you though, if salty language or mild to risque (not x-rated) sex scenes make you uncomfortable, Fiction Fix is probably not for you.


The service guys came and fixed our gas leak. For those just tuning in, Kevin went under the house to seal some new pipes he put in for our sump pump and while down there, smelled gas. He used his gas detector tool and pinpointed where it was coming from – a joint had come loose and it was spewing gas every time the hot water heater or the dryer kicked on.

They were in and out in two hours but at $60.00 an hour, per person, we had to pay the rather hefty price tag.

But in a situation like that, what can you do? It’s better to fork over the cash and have it fixed than to have our house blow up at some point.

Safety first, right?


I took GD down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take his driver’s permit test Wednesday. He was pretty nervous, especially as he didn’t feel like he was adequately prepared but I had warned the boy, several times, that we were going to go down there this week so he had plenty of time to read the manual.

He looked it over, but didn’t really read it.

So, we get there. And we walk through the waiting room, full of other nervous parents, and enter a room. GD fills out his information (we had to sort of guess on his height and weight, but the officer helped us out – he’s about 5’8, 120 pounds and has hazel eyes – what?! His eyes are almost so dark brown, they are black, we’ll have to get that corrected on his permanent license) and he gets his picture taken by a webcam.

The officer then says to me, “Okay mom, you can wait out outside.” He then turns to GD and says, “And you can grab an open computer and begin the test.”


I wait out in the waiting room for about twenty minutes. And in that time span, several other kids come and go, one gal is pretty depressed because she didn’t pass the written test. Another kid comes back from the actual driving test – he failed. So, I half-heartedly listen to other parents either console, or rejoice, with their children.

For a small pocket of time, I felt like a member of a small, and exclusive, parents’ club.

I noted that the kids who passed, all came out carrying a piece of paper. The kids who did not pass, were empty-handed.

GD finally emerged from the room. He looked shell-shocked, but he was carrying a piece of paper. He passed the test. He only missed two of the questions.

We were instructed to go up to the second floor. So, we endured the impossibly small elevator and stepped out onto the second floor and into a group of smelly people. (Why do government buildings always smell like sour body odor?)

We grabbed a number (we were 92 – it was currently on 77) and sat down to wait.

I always hate this part because the entire time we’re waiting I’m wondering if we’re even in the right area to begin with. Government buildings, at least in my limited experience, are never really clearly marked so you end up sort of following the crowd and hoping everyone else is there for the same reasons you are.

I noticed that a lot of people had the same piece of paper as GD, so I forced myself to appear confident in front of GD (when I really wasn’t) and we waited our turn.

Thirty minutes later, our number was called. We presented his passport, his social security card and his savings account bank statement (remember that, mom?) to prove his residence.

He signed some papers, I vouched for him and he got his picture taken. Two minutes later, we left with his very first, and very official looking, driver’s permit.

GD is not a very emotional being. At least, he’s pretty good at keeping his emotions inside. But I could tell, by the way he kept touching the card and looking at it, he was excited. He was an “official” member of society. When I asked him if he “felt” any older, he gently smiled and said, “yes.”

We had debated on whether we should “make” GD do this – if he wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready. But when I saw how he conducted himself throughout the process and saw how proud he was of himself after it was over, I’m convinced, we did the right thing.

We had to go to Wal-Mart to buy ice cream for MK’s party later that night anyway, so while there, we bought GD his very first “official” wallet.

He walked out of the store with his head held just a little bit higher. He’s growing up before my very eyes.

Stay tuned for some hairy driving experiences – I’m sure it’ll be interesting blog fodder.


We took MK to a Japanese restaurant for his birthday. It was one of those where they cook in front of you and give you WAY more than you can eat. But I was shocked to see MK devour everything on his plate.

He’s always been a very picky eater and has never really eaten that much his entire life, but here lately, he’s been eating more than me and sleeping a lot more, too. His voice has gotten lower as well and … well … he’s becoming a man.

After paying the tip, our bill came to $82.00. *BLINKBLINK* THIS is the very reason we don’t eat out very often. It just sickens me to spend that much money on food – we literally ate $82.00. I can’t believe some people spend that much money on food every night – it’s insane. But it was a special occasion and MK’s such a great kid that it was worth it.

My in-laws went out to dinner with us. After dinner, we all came back to our house and we had cookie cake and ice cream. MK took his brand new saxophone out and played several songs for the grandparents – they were duly impressed. I know I keep saying this, but the kid’s a natural, he really is. It’s hard to believe he’s only been playing for 2 1/2 years.


Happy birthday, you big goofball. *kisskiss*

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